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OK I will grant you that it may never catch on. Probably good news at the end if the day -- who wants to be wearing the same suit as the next guy.Looks like RTW? Nope. You need to see IRL. Shoulders, chest, details, etc. Nothing looks less like RTW than French bespoke. But I guess that doesn't come accross in pics. (So back to point 1 re not catching on.)Re fabrics: you are not looking at enough Cifo pics -- those guys are way striking/dandified in their fabric choices....
Cifo can do a neapolitan shoulder -- I wasn't aware of such a thing as a neapolitan lapel.
A primer on Parisian lapels:http://parisiangentleman.co.uk/academy/parisian-style-can-you-name-that-lapel-notch/http://stiff-collar.com/2012/05/28/les-revers-parisiens/
Italian or Spanish tailors who left their countries decades ago to seek fame and fortune in France became French citizens, and made clothes for the local market. You can see some remains of their influences, but their clothes do not bear much resemblance to what is coming from Italy today.
Not at all similar. Cifo is a blend of influences to create their own thing.
Cifo would do a number of lapels, as their house cut is not a French lapel but a standard british lounge suit lapel.Camps sticks to the Parisian lapel.Smalto has 20 different bespoke lapel designs to choose from.
They kept Rome and Paris operations going in parallel for a long time. Now they are only in Paris.
Good point. French tailoring is a sharp look which may not be to everyone's taste, now that neapolitan easy elegance is in style. But let's not confuse style with tailoring precision. Sometimes, as with certain neapolitan traits, something that starts out as a tailoring mistake is spun back to clients as a stylistic choice, which then catches on to become the new norm.In France, tailors don't seems to be as concerned about following trends -- rather like the japanese,...
Camps de Luca was originally the King's tailor. Smalto used to work for Camps. The legend is that one day the King was frustrated by the delay it would take to have an order made, so Smalto went to the King and promised to deliver it quicker on his own. The King became Smalto's personal client and helped him set up on his own.
It's a Cifo trademark not a Parisian trademark
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