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The measurements are approximately as follows BOC 30' Sleeve 25' Shoulder 18.5' Chest 22' Waist 20' Pretty standard EU52R Jacket is presumably wool, or wool & Cashmere mix.
90€ + shipping At that price, not even worth hesitating BOC 77 cm Sleeve 64 cm Shoulder 45 cm Chest 58 cm Waist 54 cm Contact me if you have questions
Natural shoulder, unlined, unpadded, spalla camicia with patch pockets -- the iGent works at a bargain price BOC 78 cm Sleeve 65 cm Shoulder 49 cm Chest 55 cm Waist 51 cm 200€ + shipping Contact me if you have questions
BORRELLI NAPOLI GREEN SC, SZ. EU52R, AMAZING DEAL! 200€ + shipping Contact me if you have questions
Well spotted, I didn't know that their online store wasn't even up and running yet. They've only recently started to position themselves as a direct seller to private customers. I think the best would be to just reach out to them by email, on whatever contact email is listed on their site.
Here is my report on luxury shirtmaker 100hands.nl http://dirnelli.tumblr.com/post/128995914245/enchantment-by-a-shirtmaker-100hands-parisian Probably the most precise shirt construction process I've ever witnessed.
This thread is facsinating to follow, I've created a monster, now running loose... I want to thank @NickPollica for joining in the discussion, I think his explanations were very clear and transparent. It's great when brands join forum discussions to defend their positions, I think we ought to respect that, and encourage more of it, possibly by dialling-down the name-calling, otherwise we'll no longer see brands willing to engage in online discussions. (The brands I speak...
I like the Patrick Johnson Tailor's analogy: I think everybody agrees that PJT should be considered an Australian brand, even if it is selling an Italian-styled suit. The food analogy doesn't work quite so well: while Chinese or Indian food sold outside of their homeland tends to be very different from the original flavor, the Eidos & PJT suits we're talking about actually resemble in every possible way the original styling of suits in the homeland country.
New Posts  All Forums: