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New kids on the block in Paris, recent AFT grads: http://dirnelli.tumblr.com/search/Blaise+de+sebaste
Yes metal toe taps sorry.
VASS Shoes Size 8.5UK/42,5FR Cognac/Brown Grained/Smooth Leather   The color is a red cognac leather combo grained / smooth leather.  Sold with shoe trees and the pouches. Top and screwed metal toe taps are placed under the soles to protect it. Very good condition.
Better to ask them directly.
Go to Charvet for your first bespoke parisian shirt.
@SeamasterLux and I will catch you there guys!
Just curious, why commission a bespoke suit at Charvet which is better known for their shirts? Why not one of the Parisian bespoke suitmakers instead?
FYI -- Website says 'customize your suit/shirt in 10 minutes online' and 'designed in France, made in (Eastern?) Europe and Asia'I'll leave it to thread followers to decide whether the post belongs in the same thread as Arnys, Camps de Luca, Cifonelli & Smalto...
No, the full story was not revealed, nor will it ever be, but I wasn't aware that's a requirement for featuring in this poll?Camps de Luca runs a discrete operation for discrete clients. If ever you come to Paris, please give me a ring if you want to know more about them.As you've certainly noticed, they never crop up on eBay. And they've informed me that my grailfind haul of 30 suits is a one-off that will never occur again, I feel quite priviledged to have been in the...
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