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I am told that the Cifo store on rue Marbeuf is doing -60% now before it closes for renovations.
For those who don't have the history, that's a step change in terms of pricing compared to previous collections, they've bumped it up by a significant notch.
New Cifo RTW priced at 2900-3900€ range.
Aubercy will never put a sale sign in their window, they are too snobbish for that, but on the other hand I have definitely bought shoes there at a discount during sales season, especially models from previous collections that haven't sold, you just have to negotiate with the salesperson, and if it's in the main store with the owner, there's every chance that she or her son will give you 30% off just to move inventory. Cifo will definitely not be putting on sale any of...
Here are the shots from the RTW collection presentation. Nice. Much closer to the spirit of the Cifo bespoke cuts compared to their former RTW lines.                
Sales started last week. By the time you get here everything worth having will be gone. Next one is January.
PS. Just realized, the guy I saw was the CEO A. De Matteis, not C. Paone.
Running a business empire and having taste are two separate matters entireley. I would assume SF'ers like myself are more interested in reading comments by CD's than CEO's. I once heard the father make a presentation about the industry, it was utterly lacking in usefulness and insight. On the other hand, I've heard extremely insightful comments from CD's, Lagerfeld and Ford for example, about the business aspects of luxury. Not sure where Paone would sit along that...
Here is a Cifo bespoke style that you seldom see, with generous lapels -- my favourite out of all their different styles. I pray that they decide to make this one available in RTW:
Paone seemed pretty approachable. I'll aim to do an interview next time. This time around, I was like a kid in a candy store, too much other stuff to look at, I couldn't be bothered to chase up story ideas. Re Arnault, I doubt that would be an easy one to set up. Hugo had to negotiate for a long long time before he was able to get the Delos interview. The more obvious next available spokesperson is Sartori rather than Arnault.
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