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Albert Arts in Nice. Worth seeing.
Oh yeah, forgot to mention: no photosets either on IG, wtf. Plus, aggressive automated cloud tagging just to catch followers... I concur that IG seems to be a young person's vehicle. It may be that it'll eat Tumblr's lunch, but I hope not. Do we agree that I should pull the plug on Wordpress?
This is really an experiment in social media for me.   A couple of quick takeaways, 2 days in:   1) I agree, Tumblr seems to best fit what I'm trying to do and who I'm speaking to (literate #menswear geeks, not fashionistas and aspirational teenagers.)   2) Instagram and Pinterest are laughably constraining in terms of functionality. Square pics only ? From an iPhone only ? WTF.   3) When posting to Instagram, I post to FB, Tumblr and Twitter at the same time,...
Thanks. I noticed your Friday Challenge pics are excellent, I was wondering why you weren't doing a WIWT Tumblr. Glad to see you hopped on the bandwagon.
I'm thinking of going all out and launching a mirror Pinterest account as well. Any thoughts on the merits of doing so? The nice thing about IG is that I can post to Tumblr, FB, and Twitter from IG all at once. I have a mirror Wordpress blog which I'm thinking of shutting down as I migrate my blogging to other platforms. Should I?
Anyone have any insights about the comparative advantages/disadvantages of going with Instagram vs. Tumblr? I've been talked into launching the 'dirnelli' IG account, and would be curious to know about what are some good IG accounts to follow, in particular those of other SFers.
Not to my knowledge
I am told that the Cifo store on rue Marbeuf is doing -60% now before it closes for renovations.
For those who don't have the history, that's a step change in terms of pricing compared to previous collections, they've bumped it up by a significant notch.
New Cifo RTW priced at 2900-3900€ range.
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