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France offers host of great value-for-money propositions (are you sensing a theme here?), which never really gets celebrated by the rest of SF, except notably in the French tailoring thread, worth checking out: http://www.styleforum.net/t/346199/french-tailoring-thread-e-g-camps-de-luca-cifonelli-smalto-and-etc In the bespoke shirt-making department I would quickly highlight both Courtot and Lucca in Paris, at 250€ per fully handmade shirt. And the record for the...
If you're looking for handmade limited-edition bowties, this up and coming French brand is worth knowing about: http://www.leloirenpapillon.com Michael-François Loir it's constantly thrifting fabrics, 1 m here in 1 m there, and making up a few handmade bowties from them, probably no more than five or six per design. His other specialty are his hand-sculpted lapel pins, which are his trademark. He'll be exposing at Pitti for the first time in June, so I predict he's...
The MTO line of handmade shoes by Dimitri Gomez in Paris also has to be one of the most undercelebrated products on SF, I propose hereby to redress that wrong: http://www.dimitribottier.com/4.aspx Gomez does bespoke for 3000€ and MTO for 1800€. But what many people don't realize is that his made to order line follows exactly the same handmade process as his bespoke line, except he's working from his stock of pre-made lasts instead of making a custom last for a specific...
Boivin, the French artisanal tie maker, is well worth knowing about (and gets no SF airtime). See my interview here (in French), which includes a link at the bottom of the interview to my post in English: http://parisiangentleman.fr/2014/09/08/les-cravates-boivin-un-secret-bien-garde/
By the way guys, I upload pictures to SF from the iPhone and they show up in a smaller size. Anybody know how to upload from the iPhone so that it embeds in a larger size? Thanks
Another entry today (Camps de Luca blazer):
Howard's sell it but not the khaki which is Smalto.
Thanks. It's a very original take on the knit tie. Sufficiently rare that I copped it in navy, khaki, burgundy and brown, for fear of not finding them again. I did not get the gray, black or fuscia, but the gray has been haunting me ever since...
I got a Borrelli kinda like it on eBay, but haven't received it on time for this FC:
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