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My store just received the shipment of Robert Geller, we got the black casper bomber and the enzyme wash pant.   Very cool piece
Does anyone know where to find this flannel online?    
The only designer that makes a skinny silhouette chelsea boot like the Saint Laurent ones is just Saint Laurent.  There are plenty of brands out there that make chelseas but none can touch the shape or quality of SLP.
They're so comfy though.  Honestly, it's pretty good hardware and fit.  You don't see that everyday.
  Best colorway imo, so much better than the boutique.
I think they may still have it in stock in store.  It's on sale right now.
  sandro | john elliott | slp | slp
  Thanks John Elliott for sending our shipment in at American Rag Cie in Newport!  It is so awesome!
outfit from yesterday.   thrift/john elliott/slp/ro
late reply but I went TTS.  Got a 42 and they fit perfectly.
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