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They're so comfy though.  Honestly, it's pretty good hardware and fit.  You don't see that everyday.
  Best colorway imo, so much better than the boutique.
I think they may still have it in stock in store.  It's on sale right now.
  sandro | john elliott | slp | slp
  Thanks John Elliott for sending our shipment in at American Rag Cie in Newport!  It is so awesome!
outfit from yesterday.   thrift/john elliott/slp/ro
late reply but I went TTS.  Got a 42 and they fit perfectly.
john elliott + co slp ro
Sunday:    [[SPOILER]]
MSRP $413  Worn 3-5 times  Made in Japan  Soft as hell for a wool cardigan, very cozy. I just don't see a Navy cardigan fitting well into my wardrobe.   Bump
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