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this thing seems to be very hard to come by these days :(
Looking for this vest in a size M, pictured below in the link. http://www.orvis.com/p/barbour-down-filled-waxed-gilet/3c3r?adv=352841&cm_mmc=linkshare-_-je6NUbpObpQ-_-1-_-352841   Really want it, if you have one in this size let me know what you want for it and we can make it work.  Must be in great condition, obviously.  I am located within the CONUS, and prefer you are as well but could possibly make an exception because I am very interested in tracking one of these...
I'm also asking from a quality standpoint...is BB 1818 worth literally twice the amount of money as an SS?  I was hoping to hear some people chime in who have had both or at least one to comment on their quality.
Looking into a new suit as of late.  Navy, slim fit.  I am an athletic build, slim in the middle but broad shoulders and pretty big biceps.  Looking to get my moneys worth without breaking the bank, but I will spend more to get a better product.  I am currently comparing the Brooks Brothers 1818 'Milano' fit, against the Suit Supply 'Washington' fit, both links below.  From a quality and fit standpoint, which would be the better purchase?  The BB is certainly going to cost...
Selling a gift card to Need if anyone in the Richmond area is interested.  $282.56 on the card, selling for $225.  PM me if you are interested, also have a craigslist ad up.   http://richmond.craigslist.org/for/3718682700.html
For sale is a new pair of Nudie AJ's in Organic Contrast Indigo denim 33W 34L. These are a pre-wash pair of Nudies, not dry denim. I bought multiple pairs at the same time and I have been breaking in another pair and haven't worn these more than twice, so they are in perfect condition.  Originally purchased from the Nudie webstore in December.  Will ship via USPS Priority Mail to US addresses only.  Link to jeans with images below.  Preferred payment through Amazon...
Just bought a pair of CXL 405's (J.Crew).  Love the boot, not really in love with the white stitching on the toe, I'd like it to be closer to the rest of the stitching on the boot.  What's the best way to change the color of the stitching?  I have heard of people using a dark brown cream polish.  Will this completely change the color of the boot permanently?  Any suggestions are appreciated.
Just picked up a pair of the J.Crew Alden Indy 405's.  Love the shoe, but I'm not a huge fan of the white contrast stitching on the toe of the Indy boots.  What are my options, if any, to change the color of this stitching?  I have been told using a dark cream polish would darken the stitching but will it completely change the color of the boot forever?
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