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Thanks man
Do MMM Gat's run the same size in low tops as they do high tops?  I wear a 45 in the lows but I didn't know if the velcro strap high tops were roomier and I could get away with a 44.  I'm a 44 common projects, 45 lowtop GAT, 11 sperry, pretty much 11 everything except MMM.
Are the Cast "Coast" jeans gone for the rest of the season? I see they were removed from the JE product page.   I'm looking for a pair of Cast 2 Coast if anyone is selling, sz 31 or 32 depending on the measurements, hit me up if you're selling.
Anyone have a pair of Cast 2 "Coast" for sale in 31 or 32?
This is what they look like in person.  They really look nothing like what the JE website has.  They need to turn off dem filters.
Maybe that'll help me sell them quicker
Decided to sell the size 30 springs, in classifieds if anyones interested.  I love the jeans but I'd have to skip leg day at the gym to make them fit.
For sale is a gently used pair of John Elliott Cast 2 "Spring" jeans in size 30.  I purchased these and wore them around the house a couple of times and ultimately decided they were too skinny for my liking.  Link to jeans is below, and I have accurately sized the jeans with a tape measure and posted the measurements below, as the John Elliott website is not accurate on the sizing.   These jeans are perfect for a size 32 or 33 waist.   Measurements (inches): Waist:...
Honestly I would have to have them altered if I went any bigger than a 30".  They already have an inch of room in them as is.  I'm going to try to wear them in for a week and see if they don't stretch out a little more.  I don't need it to be drastic to be acceptable but I want a solid little bit of extra space in the thigh and seat to feel and look comfortable.  If it doesn't work out I'll just wait for a 31" and get the waist taken in I guess.
Just for shits and giggles I let my GF try on the JE Spring Cast 2 and honestly they fit her better than they do me --LOL (in the legs at least, the waist is way too big).  Mind you, I'm 6'2 190lbs and she's 5'4 130lbs.  Pretty funny though. me her
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