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Bump - reposted.  Still for sale.
Still for sale.  Just bumped the listing.  PM me with questions.
Price updated.  Unbeatable deal for a pair of new kicks.
Weird, man!  What do you wear in Nike's and some other brands? I found the 44 (which is a 11 to 11.5) to be pretty in line with what I normally wear in boat shoes and boots (which is a size 11).  I wear 12s in most normal tennis shoes like Nike/Asics/Adidas. I didn't find the CP's to fit strange in comparison.
For sale are a gently used pair of the CP BBall Lows in Black.  Size 44 *US 11*   I have owned this pair of sneakers for 3 months (March 15), and they have only seen about 5 days of wear -- now just sitting in the box waiting to be sold.  They are in fantastic condition obviously being worn only a few times, and there is nothing cosmetically wrong with the shoes at all.  These shoes retailed for $472 plus tax.  Box and contents are included.    I wear a 11.5 in Nikes,...
Updated.  thanks.
price updated, thanks for looking
Final price update.  Thanks for looking.
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