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Not technically a fake as it has a sterile dial, but I still wouldn't wear it.  Might be embarrasing if someone thinks it is a real Panerai and asks you about it.  Quality is probably ok though.
I've spent way too much time on Watch forums and car brand analogies never work for several reasons:     1.  Class Issue.   Higher income folks see Allen Edmonds as basic no-frills business shoes a la Chevrolet as they have no issue dropping $1k for a pair of Vass or a payment on their Mercedes.  Middle Class folks see $300 as 3x more than they would ever spend on a shoe and equate Allen Edmonds to "unattainable" Luxury cars such as Mercedes or Lexus.  Both groups...
This guy has also founded a company that does business in at least three countries, and he dresses fabulously as well, here with an odd vest:  
Are the soles/heals 100% rubber, or leather with rubber caps?    Rubber heals compress a lot when your foot strikes the ground, which is why I made the original statement about how the screws or nails might hold.   Glenjay above was speaking to leather soled shows, which often have a rubber layer at the heal.   This piece can be easily replaced.   Not necessarily so with a full rubber sole.
This shoe is on the 5-65 last which is long and narrow.   I have a pair in size 10D, which is my normal AE size.  These are definitely longer. I have had Kenilworth and Fairfax AE's in 10D and they fit snuggly and perfectly.  The lack of a lining seems to be what makes them a bit roomier.  They are ok in width, but the unlined leather seems stretchy.  Very light and comfortable.  I probably could have safely went 1/2 size down with 9.5D.  
You guys resurrected a thread that was 9 years old.   Well done.
Citizen does not us Seiko movements. They use Miyota movements...... Made by. Citizen . Quality is comparable to Seiko, although they lack some of the history in my opinion.
Maybe try the Streetware/Denim forum here.
I would just wear them.   Seems like toe taps might not nail that well in soft rubber, with all of the flexing? 
Allen Edmonds has a great selection of quality belts.   The Wide Basic Dress Belt comes in a number of leather colors, including a few Suede.
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