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  I also have the tan Chukkamok's and I used mink oil with similar results.  I use them as my business casual bad weather work shoes.  They are extremely comfortable with the rubber sole and soft leather, however I find the leather a bit hard to care for, especially when trying to clean.  It picks up dark marks which are hard to remove. 
Aberdeen are 2-Last.
Couldn't resist picking up a pair of Aberdeen's in Tan Dublin from the Shoebank for $159.   Will be nice for bad weather days.  
They are nice looking shoes.  I would just wear them.  Remember they are from the rough collection.  The leathers used in the rough collection (Tan Waxy, Tan Dublin, etc....) exhibit natural character markings.   The Calf used on the dress collection is usually more defect free.   As soon as you wear them a few times you will have wrinkles in spots anyway.      That being said, if they bother you, return them.  AE has a great return policy.   Remember that high quality...
Was the robe fused or canvassed
Back to the original intent of this thread, part of the issue is that the glued construction that many of us turn our noses up at is actually very reliable in many cases as adhesives have come a long way.
I used Meltonian Mink Oil on my Chukkamonks and it darkened them slightly, which was my intent.   Meltonian is a mix of silicone, Mink Oil and Lanolin.  I used a cloth wrapped around my finger and brushed after it dried for an hour. My goal was to darken them and possibly make them a bit more water proof as these will be my bad weather shoes for work (business casual).   I assume they will darken up over time with use as well.   I have a tube of AE Premium Walnut Polish...
Chukkamok's just went on clearance for $195 as I was looking for a shoe/boot to wear to work on bad weather days to compliment my nicer leather soled dress shoes.    Here is my Tan pair with a fresh coat of mink oil.     I'm a fan of the Rough collection and also have some Neumok's.    They are unlined, so super comfortable and soft out of the box.   Only negative is the leather is somewhat thin, especially at the tongue.   
While I will never own a $5k Rolex, I know a bit about watches. A $300 fake is not "functionally" identical to a Rolex, maybe to the untrained eye, but a Rolex is about build quality and details. This argument misses the point however, fake watches are illegal copywrit infringement. Your friend would do better buying a high quality $300 Seiko that will last a lifetime and isn't trying to be something it's not.
  Surely you know what "Steampunk" actually means and realize the difference between it and wearing Victorian era clothing for a class - which FlyingMonkey admitted to,.   This is Steampunk:
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