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Does anyone have strong views on whether, on a generic basis, whether Zegna or Loro Piana produces better cloth? And what differences are there if any in the manufacturing process?
I wondered if anyone could provide some insights on these brands. On a recent trip to the US I noticed these very prominently on sale at Saks Off Fifth and Nordstrum Rack amongst others. However I could not understand their provenance.   In terms of pricing, they allege to be fully priced at $600+, and at sales they tended to be $200 - $300. TBNY were slightly lower than this. However I could not see if they were actually sold anywhere else. Are these brands "in-house"...
I think maybe this is aiming for the Suits look (as in, the TV series)?
A quick question - this need to have come into this thread per se but in my case it is appropriate.   Can anyone offer advice regarding leads on chasing up specific stock from previous seasons? I recently lost something which I adored, namely this cardigan from Shanghai Tang:   The shops in HK are certainly devoid of them. Generally speaking how should...
Dear all, your help would be appreciated. I need a relatively cheap suit and signed up for this deal on Groupon:   My question is, how will I be able to verify that this is really Zegna cloth when I get there?
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