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Gorgeous! Where did you get them and who is selling or has a wait list for this makeup?
Those are gorgeous!  Where did you get them?
J. Crew, but not over-the-calf.
My new cigar chukkas from Alden SF near the end of their Mac-method break-in period. I, personally, am looking forward to some big-time beefrolls!  
Thanks, uncle! The official good luck totem.
Hellooo ravello!    Maiden voyage.   And thanks to Kathy at Alden DC for all of her wisdom.  
Alden makeup for J. Crew that retails new for $515 - if you can find one in your size. Founded in Massachusetts by Charles H. Alden in 1884, the Alden Shoe Company is the oldest shoemaker in New England. Alden handcrafted these elegant wing tips in Horween Chromexcel leather and then hand stained and shined them to a rich lustre. They feature all of Alden's hallmark details, including their famed Goodyear welt, full leather lining and dovetail heel reinforcement. And to...
Breaking news: Alden DC just got in a surprise small shipment of ravello LWBs with waterloc soles.
I'm sorry, I can't wait. I need ravello! All these pictures are driving me crazy! I'm on the Alden DC wait list for chukkas, but could be eight months. The world could end! Anyone know who is selling LWBs in 7.5D? AoC has one, but with crepe soles.    My 10:   Cigar tankers #4 captoe boots black PTBs   Cigar LWBs Ravello LWBs Context Roy boots   Whiskey chukkas Whiskey NSTs Ravello LHS #8 LHS
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