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Alden Natural CXL Long Wing Blucher (LWB) on a double leather sole for TheShoeMart, thus the Bootmaker Edition. I purchased it from another member about 2 years ago and have worn it about 6 times, but they do not get into the rotation anymore.   Size 7.5 on the Barrie Last (I am 8 on the Brannock) which fits about half a size large. Includes shoe bags and original box (shoe trees are not included).   Here is the link to the shoe on TheShoeMart site:...
 With multiple orders via Spring they have always just combined shipping automatically for me. I am assuming JE has a warehousing picking application that just lists all the items to pick in the backend to fulfill all open orders.
Love the cardigan and hooded drawstring hoody from this look.    
 I will try to get a picture of it tonight, but if you want it more faded/washed out, it is probably not the right shirt...
 I just received the Classic Crew in Olive Green, and it looks more uniform than the pictures show.
In as well!
 I would contact them and see if they could do something about resolving the issue. I haven't had problems taking some stuff that was defective and a few months old for them to either replace or fix.
 Thanks! Picked up the Natty CXL... after all the pictures from the GMTO, could not resist.
 Let me know if you don't... would be interested =).
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