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 Thanks. Seems like if you only preorder 1 shirt at a time, it works fine.
 No, they will keep taking orders. I believe the women's dress they offered was funded over 200%. I am trying to fund the new workshop shirts, but it is only offering me FedEx 2nd day shipping as an option. Did anyone else notice this?
 I would be interested... let me know =).
I must say Mike has handled this with the utmost class while providing multiple options for people. Still debating as I had a preorder but I am glad he is offering the Couro Cromo for other SF members that are interested.
 The site is giving 30% off orders over $300 I believe.
 Agreed. I have 2 pairs of the slim, and the weight, cut, everything is perfect. They will also do free alterations for their Chinos if you live in the area and can get to their store. Big fan now.
 I believe on Instagram they commented that it would be in by mid next week.
Got one of those Vibrant Blue Donegals... sweet.
 Haha - I would probably believe them over anecdotal evidence on the internet. Let us know how it works out DuckOB. I was lucky enough to snag that Cigar PTB with Commando sole in 7.5E, if it doesn't get canceled. I post pictures and let people know if it doesn't work out.
 I was doing some research and apparently it fits much like the Barrie last - it is specific to the Japanese market.
New Posts  All Forums: