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Any info on the black stingray wholecut?  
I remember that thread I think it was Riccardo Bestetti....nvm found the thread:
Wow Moo, just WoW! You look great.  
Well the best thing you can do as previously said is to dive into WAYWRN thread and start asking questions. You can lurk and see who's styles you like and gear questions towards them. The fastest way may be to just start posting your own fits and learn through trial and error.
Just wondering is the breast pocket seen below the standard/default. Or was this a request made by you, thanks in advance.
I think that guy was trolling. I have a hard time believing that suit was for real.
I agree with everything you said. If the OP plans on starting a business have accounting knowledge will be helpful in the short and long run. You wouldn't believe the paper work involved in just setting up and maintaining an at home business.
Hello all, new to the forum but from what I can see looks really interesting.
Having an accounting or mathematics background is always a bonus. Also, if you really want to start a small business in the future doing internships can help with achieving your goal.
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