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Yea, I thought about that as well, but even at 1650, that is a good deal...
HD28 is an insta-cop at that price, imo. I'm trying to think of a problem that couldn't be fixed at that price point...there aren't many. If you end up not buying this, let me know so I can reach out to the seller haha.
Yea, I was going for Bonnie Prince Billy, Father John Misty, and Ryan Adams. I got nothin'. Oh well!
To me, this sounds like such a horrible job...
hell yes
Kind of off subject, but did anyone hit up RSD on Saturday?   I tried to go to a record store out in the burbs, and they were already pretty picked over 30 minutes after opening. I left with:   Getz/Gilberto 10" on green Sun Records Compilation 12" (2) Flaming Lips 10"s Simon and Garfunkel original mono version of homeward bound 7' Everytime I Die 7"
That horn one is really neat! How much were they, if you don't mind saying.
I thrifted my first coogi, so I just had to make this photo:  
Nice! It's a wonderful metro. I live in the capitol hill area in Denver.
Where are you going to be in CO? Let me know if you would like any info!
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