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My homeboy, Henry Rollins (or Pawlins):
Someone in Georgia should grab this magnum PI! The $35 shipping quote takes a little too much meat off the bone for me to bid on it, haha.   ps - check out the other items, there are some decent things!
I am getting rid of a ton of ties and selling them in lots of 6-7 ties, all of the auctions are starting at 9.99. Brands include Zegna, Hermes, Fendi, RTBOC, etc. etc. Thanks SFers!   Click here!
Thanks! Yea - I am definitely not concerned in the slightest about my photography skills at this point. Just trying to focus on getting out there and having fun!   I will definitely check out that guide down in Pagosa! 
lil brownie from yesterday while fishing Bear Creek here in Colorado.  
I'm super happy to have found this thread! Just getting into the sport and am already hooked. I look forward to reading about my fellow SFers excursions!   Cheers - Josh
I finally bit the bullet and became a true Coloradan - I bought a fly fishing rig. If any of you thrifters come across any good deals on gear while you are out and about, I'd love a shot at buying it from ya!   Thanks
Wow that ska haul!
I wouldn't, personally.
 ***Belvest and I would probably kop if it was in good condition.
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