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e-thrift brag:   http://www.ebay.com/itm/DUAL-TURNTABLE-CS-508-WITH-WORKING-ORTOFON-CARTRIDGE-034-NICE-034-/201190107665?ssPageName=ADME:L:OC:US:3160   I've needed a new TT for a couple months now...
I am late in replying to this, but DAYUM.  Which model is it? 39.99 is a steal.
Shout out to the @Nataku for the great shoes! They fit great and are like new...
Just a heads up, I got a shady paypal email asking me to "confirm my billing address", when I clicked on the link it definitely was not paypal's website. Be careful and don't access your account from an email link!
Synergy! I just found a PF in my size this week as well.
Bid shout out to @eazye for a great deal on a cardigan, and thanks for throwing that wool tie in the package! Much appreciated!
Can't wait to see those pics, Spoo!     In other news, I will be in LA next week to work an MTV event. I will be staying in the Marina del Ray area if any of my SF brethren want to do some thrifting, or let me know of some good spots around there to check out!
Glad it worked out, man!
Sorry if this has been discussed somewhere in the 459 pages of this thread, but I took my beloved DB's to the cobbler for a resole and he said it's simply not possible with these. Was he just being lazy or are there certain models of DBs that aren't resole-able?
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