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The St Vrain Trailhead up by Jamestown is an awesome hike / camping spot and is super close to you!
Are you living in Colorado yet? I know a while back you were looking into moving to this area (boulder perhaps?) Denver has some amazing coffee spots. Novo, Boxcar, Crema, Thump, etc. etc...
Hey! My friend is one of the co-owners of Corvus
My new (to me) zippered tote at the light rail in Denver today.
I bought my ray from them. Same warranty as another place that sells them new, and I am not 100%, but I think they accept returns. It should say clearly on the website.
I love how ecclectic this haul is!
A minor e-thrift brag, I got the Filson 261 I have been eyeing for a while now for $88+s&h on ebay:   http://www.ebay.com/itm/262047939970?euid=4d1496ae9e6e45819fecfafc86006476&cp=1
Ordered my first Filson bag on ebay today, gently used!   http://www.ebay.com/itm/262047939970?euid=4d1496ae9e6e45819fecfafc86006476&cp=1
might I ask what this is called / the model number? thanks!
found some Alden Norwegian sit toes for a big man, size 16aaaa: And an awesome old wrangler western shirt with tassels sz 15.5
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