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Also, let it be known that if anyone finds old punk/hardcore LPs at the thrift store, I will GLADLY purchase them off of you ;)
Same here! I have a WB tshirt that has a hamburger smoking a joint on it. A real hit with the inlaws!
yea this is my fiancee's first real winter, so I am having to give her a crash course in snow driving...
Just bought this beauty two days ago, almost 70 years old:     1947 Kay M1
haha my thoughts exactly...
perhaps I will try that! I haven't soaked yet. Thanks for the input. 
I will try, that's just a ton of extra fabric.
That's what I thought. This is 18oz Gustin and is way too long. I am a 30" inseam, normally, and these come at like 34 or 36". I'll have to have them hemmed I guess. also, thanks!
On the same note, do any of you have tips for rolling up your jeans, without making the rolls look so bulky?
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