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I bought an xavierre brand tele (by this company called guitar fetish) on Craigslist for 125 bucks and it plays better than any Mexican Fender I have ever handled. Check them out! very affordable: http://www.guitarfetish.com/Xaviere-Electric-Guitars_c_116.html
Love that amp! Im a bass player and have wanted that James Jamerson tone machine for a long time now... I've never heard a guitar played through one, I could totally see how that would be great for jazz / earthy tone.
It's actually a pretty standard price on Reverb, but stuff on there gets a higher premium than CL. Either way, I am happy with my current set up and in no hurry.  I agree! Thanks for the emotional support, thrift brethren. haha
Can any of you home audio guys make out what kind of reciever this is (from a local estate sale site)? I am having trouble reading it.    **Edit nevermind, I figured it out, its an old Sansui!
Not to be a pessimist, but I think it's going to be a while before I see this amp for under $800 haha:   https://reverb.com/item/2455857-fender-princeton-reverb-1966-blackface
So I lost the auction by $50! I was at my niece's wedding, so not able to be on my phone (obviously). It was a 1966 blackface princeton that went for $785 ARGH!
FYI - The nomos orion is on massdrop right now for $1770   (my referral link if you don't have a massdrop yet): https://www.massdrop.com/r/G3UFY5
Thanks all!!!
 Awesome! Yea I have both purchased and sold amps, fed ex has worked for me as well. The thing that would be different about this is its a guy who is not familiar with amps and packaging them. I suppose i could just give detailed instructions on how to package it. I've heard of other options like greyhound and possibly apps that are similar to a rideshare for shipping things like this.  yea it still has the pedal and original vinyl cover too! 
So I have a lead on a 60s blackface fender princeton, basically my dream amp. If I end up winning, do any of you have any suggestions on shipping it? It would be from an out of state private seller, not ebay.    Thanks!
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