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All over the place, depending on how often I play..On electric - probably once a month, on my upright bass about once a decade ;) My labella deep talkin' flats on the 62RI p-bass are 3 years old and just now getting broken in
Etro Milano Seersucker 3 Btn Sport Coat EU48 US 38R, Made in Italy, Detailed! $39.99 0 bids   8d 23h left (9/10, 9AM) Hickey Freeman Wool & Cashmere Blend Navy Sport Coat Blazer, US 48L, Madison Fit $39.99 0 bids   8d 23h left (9/10, 8AM) NEW LISTING Aquascutum Double Breasted Sport Coat Blazer, 42R 100% Wool, Checked, Ivy Style! $29.99 0 bids   9d left (9/10,...
(sorry if I am over-posting), but I thought this vintage SC was cool and unique and the pictures turned out well. Scored for $1 at an estate sale:   [[SPOILER]]   [[SPOILER]]
 PMed ya brodeetzThanks!
- Chest: 22.5" - Sleeve: 24.5" (with approx. 3" to let out) - Length: 29.5" - Shoulders: 19.5" - Width at lowest button: 21.5"  Pants:-Waist: 16" (x2)Inseam: 30.5"  - about 2" to let out depending on cuff)-Cuff: 2"Rise: 12"Width at knees across front: 11.75"Width at cuff across front: 9.5" So I guess a 44ish with a hefty drop?? How would you guys size that?
Finally got around to taking decent photos of this Chalk Stripe wool suit, dated 1955. One of the highest quality things I've ever handled. So cool! Anyone know anything about this company? It's heading to the BAE, unfortunately, since I have no use for it.              
Yea, just got an email that my phone order was cancelled.
Looks like they might still have some quilted vests for $60
I just called in an order! Might want to give it a try.
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