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I finally bit the bullet and became a true Coloradan - I bought a fly fishing rig. If any of you thrifters come across any good deals on gear while you are out and about, I'd love a shot at buying it from ya!   Thanks
Wow that ska haul!
I wouldn't, personally.
 ***Belvest and I would probably kop if it was in good condition.
This place is just amazing. I'm so proud to be a member. RIP Brian
Howdy friends! Any clue on this maker? Thanks in advance!
Picked the sansui up yesterday and got it all hooked up today, it works great! Im happy with this $3 investment haha
I am actually not sure! They are way too small for me, that's all I know! haha. I have actually been looking for some in my size, but no luck so far
Got these for two bucks at a garage sale today, beat up but a pop for me! Blundstone sz 7.5 available
Thanks! That is just a stock photo, but I will post a picture of my set up once I get it!
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