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I love your posts, Nat. Amazing haul.
I am getting married in about a month and would love to get rid of some backlog AND raise extra cash for little added expenses! I will accept any reasonable offer!    All of my ebay items can be found here           + a bunch more!
Yea, that is a good looking jacket, but I would at least reach out to the seller and let them know the jacket was not made by LP and that in the future, he/she needs to disclose tears in the lining.
This one seems very high end to me. Usually they just open at a certain time and let an limited number of people in at once. I'm not sure what the number system is, maybe its more like an auction rather than an estate sale..
Exactly. Also that entire wardrobe.
You Ohio peeps should hit this up!   https://www.estatesales.net/OH/Solon/44139/1164267
Unwashed selvedge + fresh snow=dyed snow
Even if it were fake, I'd rock that.
Agreed. Wommenzzz.
I've got lots of great stuff ending in the next few days!   Czech it out here!
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