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So, I've been checking this thread every day and am really into it. You guys all seem way past me in terms of experience and performance. Needless to say, feeling inspired.    Rather than ask "what should my diet be?" I'd like to find out what you dudes eat on a day to day basis.    I currently go to college from (m-f) 9am-1:30pm and work from 2:30-10:30pm, so my food-prep time is a little limited, but I have the weekends and such. I also work for a hospital and the...
My band has a SUPER old soundcloud account soundcloud.com/kentucky-parlor-pickersthe bandcamp has our full length, however: kentuckyparlorpickers.bandcamp.com
My favorite part of buying used is that I could resell the majority of my gear for a profit. Also, I'm a shitty collector, haha
Im suddenly inspired to be more descriptive in my writing, excellent hall jgill!
Agreed, the whole golden rule thing is pretty wonderful...   Also, let us know his username so we can all block him.
Kind of reminds me: I was buying some vinyl off of a message board I belonged to a long time ago (viva la vinyl) and accidentally sent the guy $1600 rather than $16.00. Luckily, he immediately refunded me and we had a laugh about it.
Where is the confusion??? hah
not thrift, but I want this soooo bad:  
Last week I rode my bike every where for cardio, and at the gym, I'm doing DLs, Squats, Bench and Overhead Press. All 5x5 along with some ab-work.  I am going to try that greyskull program this week, I think, it looks just varied enough to make things interesting...
I am on week 2 of lifting and it's going great. It's starting to be past the point of "really fucking sore" to the point of "this feels good".    Thanks for the wealth of info from all of you peeps!
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