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first pair for me.
That's way too much grease on those my dude.
I'm pretty sure it's the brown smooth, though to me it looks like a different leather than the stuff that they use now. Never worn, they were given to the guy by a friend and didn't fit so presumably he just kept them in his closet for 30 years. 
New old stock White's Packers that I scored on eBay. The attention to detail in the construction between then and now is very noticeable.  
pretty sure they are made by drew's boots in Eugene, OR. 
New site looks better. The Manito oxford shoe's at $229 are intriguing.     
I got a pair of 1878 pantaloons in size 29 and a pair of 1920 201's in 31, both fit me perfectly. Thankfully I researched the sizing first.
what price did he quote you at for a custom Nicks boot?
I am pretty sure those are made at the Drew's Boots factory in Oregon.
Email Baker's, they can probably get White's to do that make. I think those are called the Pole climber Oxford.
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