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Yes, the blue suede oxfords went well with a solid medium pink tie,white shirt with the seersucker. Thanks  
I have white bucks, dirty bucks, loafer and other shoes, but what about a pair of Blue Suede wingtip brogues? I think it looks pretty cool? Opinions?
Does anyone know the quality of their suits? I see one on EBAY for a nice price.
Thanks its a 1818 mainline BB said. I couldn't beat it for excellent condition for $15.00  plus shipping. Thanks again.   Lee
I guess it would Sorry :) Thanks  
Just bought a suit off of Ebay for a crazy low price. It is a BB suit with a plain blue label on the inside of the jacket that just says Brooks Brothers and Established 1818 underneath. Does anyone know which line it is?
 Here is the shirt and tie combination.
What color tie would go with a contrast white collar medium blue shirt (blue oxford color) and a dark brown suit? I haven't worn many contrast shirts. I have a nice maroon tie with cream and light blue lined diamond shapes with a darker blue inside them?
When did BB start putting labels on the inside pocket and not just in the collar? I picked up three excellent condition BB suits from Goodwill for $10.00 a piece that just has the BB label on the collar.
I am on a tight budget due to the economy and I need to buy a few suits. Which suits are of better quality? 1) 346 BB suit 100% wool  for $275. 2) JAB signature for $200 (plus alterations) 3) JAB signature gold for $300.00 (plus alterations). I would much rather have a higher quality suit but I just cant because of budget restraints. I see alot of stuff on Ebay but I really don't trust some of those companies quality of suits for price paid. I would only need pant...
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