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oh dang I thought this was going to be about Edward Green.
Nice APs guys. The RO is definitely one of my favorite wristwatches of all time
 yes. It is the perfect place for academics to discuss trivial matters such as clothes and where being eccentric is normal
 Very vintage looking. I somewhat like that design, but don't know much about brand or technical aspects of the piece.
You can add also Don Draper to the powerful figures list   In my eyes, odd coats give the impression of academic professor, private investigator, British countrymen or prep school student. Granted, it is usually OTR and ill fitting. You guys on style forum, with your perfectly tailored bespoke odd jackets, are a breed all to your own.
To my understanding, they aren't really anything decent at all
I also began with a passion for clothing, but for the past couple of years that same focus has been shifted towards wristwatches. I think I had pretty much covered all bases in my wardrobe and wasn't really wanting for anything new. I've acquired certain clothing items here or there usually during holiday time, but I look at wristwatches daily.
I really wish I knew the original owner. I bought it from a vintage Omega/JLC restorer person on another forum. But it is a 1974 Deville. That is about all I know lol. 
Had to try the blank white paper thing  
Maybe using some Barbour wax
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