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I suppose it depends on the nature of the shoes. My highest end shoes are Allen Edmonds and I love the way they look, but they are nowhere near as comfortable as my Sperry Topsiders. Honestly, my most comfortable shoes are a pair of Johnston & Murphy sheepskin insole tassel loafers. As much flack as J&M gets from the internet connesuiers, my experiences have only been pleasant. I will say that my AE shoes do look better and are of higher grade leather as well as...
oh man that's rough. I would expect better from a company like Hamilton. Maybe you recieved a defective model? Even though the Khaki isn't a diving watch it seems like it should be able to take a bit of casual swimming.
The Tudor Black Bay is becoming sort of a grail for me. Such watch, much bezel
Now you guys have given me a complex. Should i just not wear a wristwatch to my next interview? I'm afraid it may distract from my presentation. Or maybe...the interviewer may assume I don't value my time because of the lack of wristwatch.
Try to fit in with the formality of dress for every occassion. That doesn't mean look like a schlub; Just make sure your clothes fit better, are better quality and are better coordinated than your colleagues. Learn to enjoy all formality of dress.
If (when) I get a sub or an Explorer 1, I intend to put them on nato straps. Is there a market for "head only" type pieces? Seems like I could find some pretty steep discounts by going non-bracelet.
If I only had around 1000 bucks to spend on a watch I'd probably get an Oris Pointer Date. Now that's a cool piece. Or you can just spend half the amount and go for a nice Hamilton Jazzmaster.
haha some strong Tods dissapointments here. I suppose it is the nature of the style of shoe to wear down quickly, but when you pay so much for them you would like to get your money's worth, so to speak.
Very cool. The only one that is not of my taste is that big juicy B&R, but they seem to have a large following.
No. Americans do not wear paisley shirts. We only wear solids, tattersalls, plaids etc.
New Posts  All Forums: