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 I wasn't originally aware of the symbolism when I bought one to commemorate my own personal career achievement. I hope it doesn't get taken the wrong way. I just liked the way it looked. I definitely try to get items that don't obviously appear to be affiliated with any groups.
What does TWAT think about the wearing of pinky rings or rings in general as fashion? If you enjoy them do you like them on your watch wearing hand or the opposite hand?
 lol at first glance I though it was a Fossil or Guess watch before I read the dial
You want something that is AE quality without spending over $200? That is a tough task unless you can find a good deal on some AEs. I was once able to acquire a pair of seconds for ~150 with discount so it is not impossible. Otherwise, I would look at Johnston & Murphy or Cole Haan. They will be glued, but honestly...good looking shoes that will last you long enough if you take care of them.
The colorful Rolex dials make me think of an entry level Orient or something. Not a fan
Looks cool, but is almost too simillar to the Timex weekender
I think it all comes down to personal preference. I don't feel like the color of the hands or indices would keep you from wearing it with anything. The Portugese chrono is also a super versatile and beautiful watch. Great choice
Personally, I never really liked the way an exposed tourbillon looked. Even though I can appreciate their horological significance, I'd rather not have one on my dial..
The Vampire Monster is my favorite monster watch. It is like the black monster but has fangs and red accents  
I'm burning up indoors. All these office building have the heat blasting this time of  year.   Currently wearing a BB non-iron
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