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Nice BP FF. That is a watch that has a ton of history, but you don't see that many kops. Especially compared to a Submariner.
Dang. Remind me to never purchase a high-end chronograph. As a matter of fact, id be just fine with zero complications.
LOL you guys have got me rolling over here
 That's awesome. Another cool thing about watches is their sentimental value. I had a G-shock for awhile which I bought for a gym watch. Then I stopped wearing watches to the gym when I started using wrist wraps and sold my G. Cool little gadget though.
I really want to like Nomos. But it's so plain. And not just plain, because I like minimalistic dress watches, but the case isn't slim and sleek like a dress watch either. Kind of reminds me more of a military style watch like a Timex Weekender or Hamilton Khaki, but I can't quite place it. Maybe it's the lugs that throw me off.
 I aspire to one day be able to write articles that are half as good as your forum posts. Excellent and thought-provoking.
Choosing only 3 is really hard. Mine would probably be   Seiko Omega JLC runner up: Rolex   Currently have 2 of the 3
Prime example: Rolex don't need no fancy movements
 I actually put the blue dial Zeitwek on my vision board about a year ago. It still hasn't come true, but I havent lost the faith! Come on law of attraction
Excellent watches gentlemen. It gives me great pleasure to lurk this thread. If anyone is looking for some quality leather straps with deployant clasp I have a variety here: www.finewind.net Also, there are blog posts on watches. Thank you guys and keep up the frequent postings.
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