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What exactly is "polyamide?"  I can't imagine it's warm.  Does this matter?  If not, you can probably get 2 light-use years out of these coats.
Thanks for your advice gents.  Sad to have to part with it- it's perfect! But, mismatched colors would look terrible.
Before reading enough SF threads, I purchased a 1940's Brooks Bros tuxedo jacket.  I thought I was really smart- it had all the proper blacktieguide features to be classic, and it was cheap!   After receiving the jacket, I started the hunt for matching pants... and found SF threads advising me to never buy separates, as I'll never match the wool colors.  The posters in those threads were right.  I've had no luck thus far.   Advice please!  I think I have three...
  Good catch- their sales staff assured me that they didn't sell tuxes without vents. 
Don't do it.   1) Vents.  Can't buy a JAB tux without them.   2) Pants: Huge.  I am a 32 waist, big thighs from cycling, and could still fit both of my legs into one pant leg.  
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