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Hi is this still available? Could I get some exact measurements? I learned in the past that the website uses an average measurement of several pairs and that individual items can still vary in sizing Thanks
Is this still around
How's the sizing? Vests are hard to gauge even with measurements....what size suit jacket are you?
How much for the small?
If anyone has the Dept B commander in size medium, please pm me.
Yea sorry bout that, couldn't help my self.
Dam I wish these were 30". Love triple works
Here you go Unbranded are cheap and a killer deal for the dollar......if you buy from them, they will even chain stitch the hem using a union special.
I think you have to ask what you are looking for in the new jeans. Do you want some new jeans pre-faded that fit good and will rotate in and out of your wardrobe; or are you looking for a a companion that will accompany you for the next 6 months to a couple of years, molding to you reflecting your life. If you are looking for the first type then I say go to the gap during a sale and pick up two to three fits you like. If you are looking to invest your time I say go with...
Just wanted to post some average joes First two are the selvedge and the last two are dry heavy. Don't remember how long and how many washes....don't keep track
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