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Just got a test photo, as well. Looks like Antonio was working hard this Christmas.
He's back!!
Appreciate the reply and will post pics when I can. However, the sleeves right now, if I am standing up straight with my arms out, go to my knuckles where my fingers meet my hands. I haven't seen anyone post pictures with sleeves this long, which is why I feel that the sleeves are just too long.
I just got a Schott perfecto, and while the body fits well, the arms are a little long. Does anyone have any tailors they have used that are really good at this type of alteration that they can recommend? I'd rather spend a little extra to get it right than get a deal and risk ruining the jacket. Thanks in advance.
How close are the test shoes to your final design? How long will you wear them before providing feedback to Antonio?
A rip, a torrent, A young woman shrieks in pain, Public toilets smell
Ace of base, milli Vanilli, NKOB, 90's music's kool
Genoa, Grado Adriatic, Aegean Venice ruled them all
striking the correct Balance is tough between jokes And serious thoughts
New Posts  All Forums: