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Why not have aluminum nails? They don't rust, are light, and are strong.
Is it possible to do a blind welt around an entire shoe? I know this is the preferred method of welting for a bespoke shoe's waist, but why don't more shoemakers prefer blind welts around the front part of the shoe?
Update: Antonio emailed me back; he said in Italian toe spring is called "Camminata"
Can any of my Italian friends help me out? I am trying to explain to Antonio that I want a little more toe spring in my Aurum pair he is making for me; does anyone know how to translate this concept into Italian? Thanks much in advance.
Is it full grain?
Thanks for your answer.How would sewing through several layers of hard leather even be physically possible with the technology of the 18th century at a relatively high spi? What technique was used? Were their needles and awls hard enough not to bend under the pressure? Sheffield steel is legendary for its strength...but how strong was it?
Again, DWF, thanks.
On the topic of pegs, I noticed that shoemaker Antonio Meccariello is particularly disdainful of pegs, especially in the waist (See https://www.instagram.com/p/6aaFjOxA3q/?taken-by=a.meccariello&hl=en) . I know DWF prefers using pegs. What are the arguments for and against use of pegs?
I am finalizing my Aurum order with Antonio, and wanted some input on leather choices. To the people who have ordered Aurums, can you comment on the different leathers? I am currently slated to have Annonay leather with a chestnut finish, but am curious about baby box calf and Ilcea. I don't really care for crust leather. Any thoughts are appreciated.
What type of leather/which tannery was used on the Main d'Or shoes? Absolutely stunning!
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