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Of course, at this point, who would join the EU willingly?
 Sorry to spoil the party with a dumb question, but is this corrected grain? If it's not it would literally take the lifetimes of three cherry blossom trees to polish....
Interested to know why, if you don't mind.
Ground control to Major Tom....   What are the best SPI machines can achieve on a pair of shoes? Is the limitation for SPI the leather, technology, technique, or a combination of the three?   JS
Ah. Thank you, kindly, DW.
Hey all, my briefcase just arrived from Glaser Designs in San Francisco. I ordered it from there because I had read reviews on this site that they made good products with superior techniques. Basically, I was looking for a DWF of briefcase makers. Anyway, the craftsmanship appears to be very nice, however, I cannot get over this choice of hide by the maker. What are these striations? What grade of hide is this? My parents got this for me after I graduated from law school...
DW-   Can you speak about your experience of using computerized lasts versus human-only made lasts? Is one "healthier" than another?   I have no experience whatsoever here, but my first impression would be that human, human made wooden lasts can accommodate certain idiosyncrasies of different feet better, but that a computerized last can more precisely measure a circumference as well as more accurately map the relative position and scale of human feet...
DW-   I couldn't learn in 100 years what you have learnt in 40. Amazing info. Also, I love the occupational last name information. I used to date a girl and we'd play the game of identifying occupational last names; farrier is one I'll add to the list when I play it again with a new one. Thanks for your contribution.
 Is that a triple oak sole? I haven't seen any other triple oak sole-jobs besides Dincklacker.
Ah. I said that because it sounded like you made a business choice. You fired two people and your business ended up better off for it. It was really just meant to be a play on your commentary on your philosophical studies and your business. No animus intended.
New Posts  All Forums: