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This thread pretty much convinced me to pick up a pair of Dents (I live in chilly Canada, so I thought maybe rabbit-lined than cashmere would be the better choice).   Then I ran across these: http://www.mrporter.com/product/315369   Now, I know these are not very warm, and a little pricier, but I thought since Christmas is coming around, this could be a little gift to myself, and I've survived until now without a solid pair of gloves. I drive a 1973 Pontiac...
Double post
So, lately I've been looking at my jeans and I hate them all. They're all pretty much cheap Levi's 501s, and really I think they are just terrible. Figured, I'd make the foray into raw denim and from reading around here, it seems there's support for APC as a sort of "newbie" jean that's good quality (also saw Naked and Famous?)   I've been looking a the New Standards but saw there were some issues with sizing? I wear Size 32s, and those are comfortable right on....
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