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Would be interested in these on rain last with quarters at the rear.
For what it's worth re:the shell adelaide I'd really love to see it with quarters at the heel... If/when it comes to fruition.
I'd be quite interested in burgundy shell adelaides.  Or something along the lines of those shell wings, maybe a slightly darker shade?
Is anyone able to approximate sizes in Olfe last using AE's 5 last? I wear a 10.5D in 5 lasted shoes. I was considering ordering a pair of polo shell boots from their sale but that MTO is sexy.
anyone happen to know if you can use multiple forms of payment on the polo site? i.e.- using two preloaded vanilla visas.  alternatively can you fill the order over phone to use two gift cards?  thanks.
are the lindrick's calf or shell?
As a current derm resident and having been through both med school and residency interviews my advice would be to grab something that you like and can continue to wear.  Both sets of interviews are pretty informal and most of the people who are interviewing you can barely dress themselves.  There's always something to be said for being dressed well/appropriately, but it's certainly not absolutely necessary to wear black cap toes to med school or residency interviews.  Dark...
So I just got a call from jville saying there was a mistake, that they're $199 and they want to change the price.
I'm in the same boat... purchased the Randolphs from this seller and no reply in several weeks.
I'm looking for some lightly worn wool trousers by HY or Epaulet, ideally in Spring or Fall weights, but I'm open to anything in wool.  Ideally I'm looking for browns, greens or subtle patterns, but feel free to reply with others.  In Epaulet I take a 34 waist, and in HY a 32 or 34.  The length of the inseam should be ~32".  Please include the waist size, length of inseam, and information about any alterations that have been made.  Thanks for any help.
New Posts  All Forums: