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Nice looking kicks. Which color shell is that?
Does anyone happen to have any pairs of wingtip derbies on the F last of which they have pics handy?  I don't feel like any of their photos on the "Collection" page do their shoes justice.  Thanks ahead of time!
TYVM... that's actually exactly what I was looking for.  Unfortunately those ones aren't quite my size...
I believe I browsed all of the photos in this thread... Does anyone happen to have a pair of StC wingtip derbies?  In scotchgrain or otherwise?  I'm interested in them, but the pic they have on their site gives only one strange angle.
You could try Skoaktiebolaget... They have pretty good advice on sizing if you know your size in AE and they have several black captoes from Carmina.
It sure is. Also my first pair of Carmina.
My first purchase from Skoak, and surely not the last... Arrived last night. Fits like a dream and no problems with shipping. Thanks to Gabriel for all of the fit advice! Kind of a silly pic... I was still in scrubs from work but had to try them on right away.
  oops didn't see that before i posted...
 interested in rain last... that looks so tight
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