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It sure is. Also my first pair of Carmina.
My first purchase from Skoak, and surely not the last... Arrived last night. Fits like a dream and no problems with shipping. Thanks to Gabriel for all of the fit advice! Kind of a silly pic... I was still in scrubs from work but had to try them on right away.
  oops didn't see that before i posted...
 interested in rain last... that looks so tight
I understand. My initial proposition, however, was to contrast plain calf in the listed color with scotch grain calf of the same color. I'm not sure how museum calf will look contrasted with the cap and fixings made of similarly colored scotch grain calf. If I could see some side to side it may change my mind.In addition, I know Carmina isn't big on design changes, but I think a heel counter would really make a great shoe. If that's not possible, that's fine too.
I can't really picture what museum calf would look like directly apposed to scotch grain calf that's not museum. Anyone have a pic that could help?
Would anyone be interested in a Carmina GMTO cap-toe adelaide with scotch grain cap and fixings and matching color calf for the rest of the shoe? I'd be interested in these in dark brown, burgundy or navy (do they have burgundy or navy scotch grain?). I'd prefer Rain last and leather soles. As an example I've posted a pic of a V-cap I stole from the Vass thread:
Would be interested in these on rain last with quarters at the rear.
For what it's worth re:the shell adelaide I'd really love to see it with quarters at the heel... If/when it comes to fruition.
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