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  Yes it does describe what / when we say 'in fashion'. Does not necessarily mean you need to see it but you wear it and you know you are wearing something that is the trend. What difference it makes? A lot. Floating canvas or fusing and hand stitched. Perhaps I am not familiar with the jargon but I am pretty sure of the difference when compared to my earlier suits.
I have been using suits made by Syed Bawkher at Cathedral road for over a decade now. They keep themselves in line with latest trends and do not cringe on material that goes in a suit. They even have their latest "no lining" suits which are extremely light, yet long lasting. As far as I can tell, they utilize the latest fusing material which is imported and in fashion. Maybe this reply is a bit late but just in case you do decide, you would not be disappointed. And yes,...
Yes, they only use in-house material and they carry some of the top brand names across the world. They have a tradition which spans some 100 years and many celebrities and top executives frequent their shop, not to mention anyone who wants a wedding suit to be stitched. One stop shop. I know as some of my clothes are made there. You can visit their website  
Usually these are thoughts generated by an interested and keen student / employee who wants to ensure nothing is missed. A very few are gifted with good memories which they can use at will, but chances are, however good your memory, some point/s may be missed.  Three page for a 10 minute lecture? I don't know, some people have this habit of writing in huge fonts.  
Cars go hand in hand with fashion. Needn't necessarily be a swanky sports car, but a car nevertheless.  Not sure if there are any threads related to cars so thought I could start one.   Here's a picture of one of my favourite cars I like but don't own.
Problem is, we are getting so used to typing on keyboards, ipads, iphones etc., handwriting which was sort of compulsory before all this has almost disappeared.  Therefore even someone with a good hand but writing less and less would find it difficult to reproduce his / her touch.
Macro imaging is fun.
Hi John,   I am from India and have travelled around the world. My first impression of good dressing has been from my very first job and till today I try to maintain a good sense of attire I should wear for a particular job / function etc., I prefer to match and request the tailor to make clothes I feel would fit me in the style I prefer.  I am new to SF so not sure what exactly is being discussed with regard to clothing. Hope what I am saying is in line here. 
  My first photo on the forum.
Hi folks,   I have joined this forum today.  Hope I am able to contribute and most importantly learn all about fashion and style with a fusion of experiences available on this site.   Regards to all,   H. Modi.
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