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Preferred Customer Event is a separate event from Corporate Incentive Event. The CIS Event is only for corporate members as opposed to the PCE being a general event. The Corporate discount can't be stacked on top. 
Hello Gents, First of all I want to say thank you to all of those who have contacted me for orders. Your business is greatly appreciated. I have by as much time as I would like to be on the forums, but hoping that changes in the near future. The corporate event is Oct 17th and this time the discount can be stacked on Everyday values. Cordovan and Edward Green will be included. Please contact me for any orders or questions at Juan...
No sale event projected in the month of August, but you can still advantage of the clearance period. Orders can shipped internationally.
It is possible. By tailoring the shirt, it will no longer have the non-iron guarantee because of the puckering. Some are fine with this and are also OK with the look. The skill level of the tailor seems to play a role as previously mentioned by others. 
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Now is a great time. PM sent
He was particularly referring to suits. Suits and sportcoats get that complimentary (and technically if they are not on clearance.)There is some charge for overcoats/outerwear and shirt sleeves as well.
You should definitely size up. 41 or 42 should fit fine in the Milano. 
Brooks Brothers gladly provides basic complimentary tailoring to new (edit) suits/ sportcoats (Sleeves, Waist/Seat and Bottoms) There is just small Fees for other work that needs to be done. I do not see a problem of why you can't bring your "new" suit to get fitted in that time frame. It would even still have the tags on.    Golden Fleece and Black Fleece garments get some additional complimentary alterations. No free lifetime alterations.    In addition, it is BB policy...
June 17th 
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