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any idea how it is like in Europe? like are stereotypes against Indian men really bad there?
THAT is my point. I know they have Indians there but people have repeatedly told me it is unheard of to see an Indian guy with a White woman (a couple like that).
Well in real life I am a bit different but I just have read so many posts about how Indian men are this and that to the point it has made me insecure and personally, in real life, I have never known Indian men to date interracial with anyone so I get a bit worked up and worried about it.   Like I say, I have heard they have Indians in Canada but to see Indian men dating interracial is unheard of.
What I am saying is this, say you put an Indian guy in London, he PROBABLY won't have much luck there because the British hate Brown people a lot (apparently from what I have heard). Also, any word on how tough it might be for me to have success with women in countries like France or Norway compared to the USA?   Now on the other hand, if you put him in NYC apparently he can have SOME SUCCESS. What I am saying is, among what groups of women (especially since White...
well guys, got living arrangements done, I will be living about a few feet from campus, LITERALLY   Like my apartment has undergrads and it is a walking distance from campus.
Great posts, I misjudged you fidel (creative name too btw).   What I am truly interested in knowing is this, do you think Indian men can pick up a niche or find kinds of women who are interested in them and women they start off on a positive note with because of their dark hair, light brown skin, and brown eyes?   Basically, women who will find this attractive:   Like Black men have their...
me in 7 years? how so? and is this a good or bad thing?
Wow, much to my surprise the posts on here were actually heavily helpful, thank you CesarC, you are my favorite user on here now. Thank you so much.   How surprising, the Indian guy is the one that is hard on me than anyone else. I don't doubt for a second he is one of those kids who grew up in London or Toronto and has little to no idea how it is like being a minority in general in the deep south. I always have a bad experience with other Indians online, most of the...
threads like these made me post threads like these
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