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Well, I'm sure you can probably get bespoke Charvet (or what have you) buttondowns for $350+ a shirt - I think Paul Stuart's $70 buttondown is better than all of the other equivalently priced shirts I've dealt with.
The only label that doesn't produce anything I wouldn't buy is CP Company... so, Massimo Osti, but I don't think that's mainstream. I chose Ralph Lauren, then, I guess, for Purple Label...although that clothing doesn't really seem "designed".
Just as an adjunct - your best option would be to first learn what sizes fit you correctly (good fitting clothing looks better than ill fitting expensive clothing). Then, learn a bit about makers and things like that. After that, start looking on EBay and Bluefly for things - you'll save a surprising amount of money. I kind of split 50/50 between paying retail and buying new stuff on the 'sale' sites like EBay and Bluefly...but I look at paying retail as a luxury more...
Don't know if this has been posted before, or recently, but Hilditch and Key sells their shirts on their website for about $95 per (shipping included, minimum order of 3 shirts). Hilditch and Key US Pricing I really like Hilditch & Key shirts, and it'd be hard to find a comparable shirt for $100 retail, IMO.
Preppy Fusion, maybe? Most of the stuff I wear is stuff I've been wearing and people I know have been wearing for a long long time...Paul Stuart, Orvis, whatever. The rest and is slightly different: Etro, maybe conservative Dolce & Gabbana, some Ferragamo, CP Company, that sort of thing.
I just roll mine, which works well, as far as I've seen.
I was born in Los Angeles, I've spent most of my time on the Connecticut shoreline, and I'm currently in the process of getting through my final year of college in Ithaca, NY (Cornell).
Okay - what sizes do you usually take in clothing? For some reason, it surprises me that higher-fashion clothing manufacturers, like Dolce & Gabbana and Versace, make clothing in rather large sizes, like XXL. I dunno, I can't imagine who the audience for it would be, and it seems like it couldn't be profitable to produce clothing in that size. 40R, 32x32, S or M, 15.5/34
MISSEDYOU20 for 20% off, got that today.
The Lacoste crocodile is the only logo I'm okay with wearing...dunno why - I hate wearing anything with a logo on it. The logo is so intrinsically tied to the idea of polo shirts that it's stopped feeling like a logo.
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