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Burgos Mary Frittolini:
That page doesn't even mention Shiota by name, does it - just "bottier japonais"? Isn't that a little strange?
That gorge height looks good to me. I prefer it to the super high Neapolitan gorges that have been popular for a while. Lower gorges also seem more in line with the way trends seem to be headed. Get ready for extended shoulders next.
I'm going to be in Paris this weekend. I saw recommendations for Ernest and Calceom - does anyone have any other recommendations on other spots with good sales that I should check out? Thanks, Seneca
Can anyone comment on the fit in the seat of the Big John chinos?
For the people who bought the Eototo polo - did you size up?
I have a first fitting with Kenjiro Suzuki waiting for me to come by Paris. Can't say much about his work yet - he and his wife are extremely nice, though, and communication has been excellent so far.
This shoe (and a lot of shoes) on this thread seem to match the dimensions of my actual feet far more closely than the shoes of European makers. I've always had terrible trouble finding shoes that fit me - from MTO to near-bespoke/bespoke like Vass, nothing's worked. Shoe leather bites into my big toe, the shoes never seem wide enough (though my feet aren't particularly wide), and my arches don't feel properly supported. I visited Dimitri Gomez last month, and he told...
Kenjiro Suzuki used a similar sort of fitting garment on me. However, he asked me to try it on only after he'd taken a very thorough set of measurements, using the garment to identify any balance/body issues I might have. The garment seemed to be one tool that was part of his full fitting process. In that way, it was different from how I thought MTM worked, where the tailor seems to start from a set pattern and then figure out where deviations have to be made.
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