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It's a 50 - and I'm 5'11. My shoulders drop forward a bit, so I usually have trouble getting a good fit there. Thanks again - think it'll be going back. Unfortunately, the 52's look like they're gone.
I thought the shoulders looked ok. I think more shoulder extension would look better on me - would balance out my big head (7 7/8 hat size) - but this is better than a sleeve that starts right at my shoulder joint. The buttoning point would be lower on a L length on the R, right (ie, the additional length isn't just in the skirt, is it?) Thanks for the feedback, guys. Who needs a personal shopper when you can get instant feedback from this thread? (It'd be cool if you...
Got the Navy donegal sport coat today (same day shipping, next day delivery to MA, free, can't beat it). Beautiful fabric and construction (though I could do without the shirring on the shoulders). I feel like the fit is pretty good - not sure on the length. Edit: alright, how about this? It feels comfortable/isn't pulling anywhere.
Just grabbed one of the navy donegal sport coats in a 50. Here's hoping the sizing works out.
Did any stores pick up the shearling? http://eidosnapoli.tumblr.com/post/64852403247/shearling-throat-latch-eidosnapoli-aw14 Seneca
I kind of like that for some reason.
This is a Tom Ford sport coat - in an airy, textured black/white PoW 64% wool/21% silk/15% linen fabric. It's NWT, just bought from the TF outlet a few weeks ago (during a 4th of July sale where the price dropped to $850. I will include the gray TF garment bag as well. Fully lined in 50% silk 50% cupro. It is the Base A fit model. Construction is incredible - made in Switzerland, beautiful milanese buttonhole, etc. The sleeves are unhemmed. $750 shipped in the US -...
Suede Japanese bespoke Norwegian-stitched Chelsea boots on my feet make my cipher complete.
Thanks - I thought Dimitri was great.I did go to Paris to be sized (I don't think he takes orders remotely or would want to, though I guess you could ask.) The sizing process was straightforward: he looked at my feet and the shoes I was wearing, I tried on a sample shoe, he watched me walk, we talked a bit about fit problems I've had with other shoes, and that was pretty much it.I was a bit worried actually about how quick the fitting process was, because I've had a ton...
New Dimitri Gomez ligne bottier suede chukkas:
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