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The quality of Purple Label is terrific - at the level of a Paul Stuart. Paul Stuart is in the same area, and it's less expensive - but at times the clothes aren't as interesting. Anyways, I won't wear anything with a logo - Lacoste, maybe, but that's about it. I'm kind of tired of that alligator too.
The Italians do a lot of clothing that could be "prep" style, I guess. That's basically what Etro is about.
Remember, if it's become a preppy cliche then it's not exactly prep anymore.  Brioni and Zanella aren't exactly "prep", either - too Italian. Anyways, Top-siders work.  Brooks Brothers hasn't been good in a long time.  You just have to know, really.  If you need someone to tell you what to wear, go to Paul Stuart in NYC or order whatever the Andover Shop is offering. Monogrammed blazer buttons overdo it a bit, IMO - they're like signet rings. Unless the monogram is...
Hilditch & Key shirts work the same way - a H&K shirt bought from Saks is much fuller than the same shirt that you get in England/mail-order. It's actually kind of a shame - 16" necks fit me in England, but in the US, they're way too full.
This guy is great - I've purchased from him before (Incotex I think) and the transaction went well.
Hm, I don't know about Brioni sport shirts, but I've got a spring jacket (sort of a windbreaker) from Brioni that's if anything a bit larger than what I expect from a size 50. Fantastic quality, but it seems like it was designed for someone with more of a gut or something like that. Maybe the sport shirts are different?
Just to take a swing at it, I'd suggest something with a chocolate-brown color...maybe brown herringbone, sort of a richer-deep-brown color.
Well, I'm looking for a pair of dove-gray (you know, lighter gray) trousers - any suggestions on where to go?
I don't really like cologne...I'll wear Creed Erolfa, I guess, or Imperial Millesime.
I've got a black John Varvatos blazer, styled a bit like a hunting jacket, that I wear pretty regularly - I tend to feel like a cliche when I wear a navy blazer. I feel comfortable wearing it over anything, but generally I'll stick to khakis, and a striped shirt, that sort of stuff.
New Posts  All Forums: