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2004 Giacomo Grimaldi Barolo
YSL S/S 2007 and F/W 2007...elegant, strange, beautifully made - I wish I had more from these two collections. Pilati is a genius.
I don't like the feel of Junya knits, though they look cool. I have a few standouts... I have a Margiela wool zip up turtleneck cardigan, navy, with two burgundy stripes running up one arm, across the back, and down the other arm - a ski sweater. The stripes have foam injected in them, though, so they're three-dimensional, and they give the sweater a sort of structural armor-like feeling. It's not really noticeable from a distance, though. A couple of Adam...
Hi - yes, those are button tabs on the cuffs. I ended the eBay auction because I didn't want the auction to end at a price where I would have preferred to just keep the trench for myself. Thanks for the suggestion about streetwear, I'll give that a shot.
BUMP, 12.5% price drop to $280.
Bump - 11% price drop to $320.
BUMP - 10% price drop, from $400 to $360.
This is a Barbour X Tokito waxed cotton trench coat, size L. (Same coat as http://www.openingceremony.us/produc...roductid=10120) The coat is essentially new - I wore it outside once for about a half hour. I have all of the tags that it came with, along with a Barbour booklet explaining how to care for the coat. Tan/brown 100% waterproof waxed cotton outside. 100% cotton inside. Size L. It measures 23" armpit to armpit, and 48" length. It's hard to give an accurate...
Slightly short, high gorge, very low button stance jacket. I need to get the sleeves shortened. What do you think of the fit? I like it - seems narrow without being tight or overly shaped - but I need a second opinion.
Any thoughts on putting a bevelled/fiddleback waist treatment on a boot like this - single sole? Imagining it in antiqued black calf.
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