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Being trapped inside by the Boston snow made it feel like a good day to bust out the fur piping track jacket and pants combo. Now I just need a squash blossom necklace to make the hippie-gangster connection complete.
That might be the price for a suit ordered during a visit to Japan.If you're visiting in Paris that range is definitely high.
Yesterday I got a bit of a grail find for me - the dark brown shearling coat here: Picked it up from Nepenthes NY. I've been thinking about the thing since I first saw it two years ago (it's from Fall 2012) but figured I'd missed my shot at it - so psyched.
The straight vertical lines of the scales on the ankle makes it seem like he could almost do a gusset sided chelsea boot - with the elastic running in between the scales. That's not the plan is it, as far as you know? How ridiculously awesome would that be?
No pics of the suit, unfortunately (got some nice ones of my pattern, though). I'll post some pics on this thread when it's done.
Yeah - Miki is Ken's wife. She speaks English reasonably well - we communicated in a mix of English and French (I can understand a little bit of French, but can't conduct a conversation in it).
Had my second fitting with Kenjiro last week. The process was very deliberate and detailed - talking (Miki translating) about minute points of fit, pinning fabric, Kenjiro taking the sleeves off to adjust the fit at the shoulder. At first the garment was a bit tight at the chest - I'd put on some muscle since the last time I'd seen them - so Ken asked if I could hang out for a half hour while he made some adjustments. After a little while spent looking at fabric books...
Given Gianni's (well-deserved) reputation here, I don't know if he's doing Pirozzi any favors by talking about him. That said, I sort of like Gianni's Dolemite/70s pimp style - it's a shame he's such an asshole.
Sort of a hybrid of this and a push-up bra - exactly.
I wonder if Bonnet would make a pair of glasses will built-in nose bridge enhancement - a sort of faux nose bridge augmentation attached to the nose piece of the glasses? For $12k, it doesn't seem like an unreasonable request.
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