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Thanks - I thought Dimitri was great.I did go to Paris to be sized (I don't think he takes orders remotely or would want to, though I guess you could ask.) The sizing process was straightforward: he looked at my feet and the shoes I was wearing, I tried on a sample shoe, he watched me walk, we talked a bit about fit problems I've had with other shoes, and that was pretty much it.I was a bit worried actually about how quick the fitting process was, because I've had a ton...
New Dimitri Gomez ligne bottier suede chukkas:
Burgos Mary Frittolini:
That page doesn't even mention Shiota by name, does it - just "bottier japonais"? Isn't that a little strange?
That gorge height looks good to me. I prefer it to the super high Neapolitan gorges that have been popular for a while. Lower gorges also seem more in line with the way trends seem to be headed. Get ready for extended shoulders next.
I'm going to be in Paris this weekend. I saw recommendations for Ernest and Calceom - does anyone have any other recommendations on other spots with good sales that I should check out? Thanks, Seneca
Can anyone comment on the fit in the seat of the Big John chinos?
For the people who bought the Eototo polo - did you size up?
I have a first fitting with Kenjiro Suzuki waiting for me to come by Paris. Can't say much about his work yet - he and his wife are extremely nice, though, and communication has been excellent so far.
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