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Awesome. Love Turley, love Petite. I have a few bottles of 2006 Foley Muscleman petite - great stuff, don't think they're going to make it to their twenties.
This is a Roadster leather jacket from the French company Chapal, custom made in Paris. It's in an incredibly nice black leather with a removable brown mouton fur collar. The quality of the leather is the best I've ever seen on a leather jacket, better than the Seraphin jackets I've handled. The jacket was custom made, but I'm a good fit for size 50. Please see the measurements below. The jacket has no visible wear on it. The only detail worth mentioning is that one...
This is a Belstaff jacket made out of a beautiful super fine gray goat suede. The hand of the suede is incredible, and is comparable in feel to suede jackets I've felt from makers like Hermes. The jacket is made in Italy, and the construction and finishing overall is excellent. The jacket is very lightly padded, so it's warm (it's a Fall/Winter jacket). The jacket has very light wear, with some almost imperceptible discoloration along the inside of the collar and...
This is a Belstaff Circuitmaster jacket in petrol blue (or "Regency Blue") goat leather. The leather is very soft and has a distinctive, textured grain to it. The weight makes it appropriate for Spring/Fall weather. The color is subtle, and looks black under certain types of lighting. The jacket was made in Italy, and the quality is terrific. The condition is perfect, with no visible wear. Please let me know if you have any questions. P to P: 22 Length:...
This is a Levis Vintage Collection 1967 type II trucker jacket in tan suede. Made in Italy, marked size L. Great slim, tapered fit. It has some signs of wear, which you can see in the pictures - mostly dirt or smudges along the collar and sleeves and front, and then indigo stains along the inner bottom hem. Nothing that really stands out, and a jacket like this looks better with some wear on it. P to P 21.25 Length 26 Sleeves 25.5 Shoulders 18 $115 + $15 shipping in...
Golran carpet. Vintage persian carpets patchworked together and overdyed.
Red: a bottle of 2012 Domaine Gramenon la Sagesse - incredible biodynamic grenache cote du rhone, complex nose, and weirdly energetic/peppy for such a deep and rich wine.White: multiple bottles of Francois Villard De Poncins Condrieu 2010 drunk with dinners of take-out lobster and french fries from the Lobster Pool in Gloucester.
My bottle was DOA. I drank a few bottles of the Clos de l'Echo last year that were terrific.
I see so much good stuff in FW15 - reversible shearlings, velour dart sweats, cordovan engineer boots. That rebuilt brown duck patchwork arrow jacket, though - its as if it was conceptually patchworked out of fragments of things I've liked about clothing from across the last ten years.
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