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Most shoemakers I've interacted with seem to have a definitive preference for working with calf or suede and dissuade you from requesting unusual leathers, either explicitly or through ruinous upcharges. Antonio is different: he wants to get you the exact shoe you want, and he seems excited by the possibilities of different exotic leathers (the range of skins he has available in his showroom is amazing). Perhaps as a result his up charges for odd leathers are much more...
No, I was planning on doing both chukkas with buckles - it's a new style for Antonio.
Buffalo test chukkas:
Yup, I opened a bottle of Joly Coulee de Serrant for some sour beer loving friends, and they were blown away.
Working with Ken and Miki (Ken's wife - in my experience they work very much as a duo) was a great experience overall. They're both incredibly nice and professional. Communication in English was easy with Miki. Ken is very clearly a perfectionist - the initial measuring process was very thorough, and during the fittings he took a very methodical approach to correcting different aspects of the fit. It's a medium-dark gray (lighter than charcoal) pinhead worsted - just a...
(Grainy iPhone pic and awkward stance, but...) Kenjiro Suzuki comments: -construction is beautiful, the buttonholes, long French seams along the outsides of the sleeves and trousers, an extra flap of fabric at the vents. -I'd gained some weight since the last fitting (and was picking up the suit after a couple weeks of travel, eating lots of good food and not exercising), so the pants are a little tight at the thigh. -love the way the different angles and curves on...
I talked with him about a split toe. He recommended against it, saying that it was too country for aurum. Makes sense.
Haha, yes. Final tweak is that I asked for them as single monk strap chukkas - a new Aurum design. Can't wait to get them.
Yeah, it was really impressive in person. It must have been 4mm thick (Antonio said he was going to need to thin the leather out), but surprisingly soft, almost spongy.
Edited for Piobaire's benefit:Does Rombauer Chardonnay come in double magnums?
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