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Sort of a very deep purple? I thought about asking for something similar - but ended up asking if he could do the crust elephant leather in a shade like this:
How was the 1980? I have a bottle of Warre's 1980 I'm waiting to share with some buddies (birth year for all of us).
@T4Phage - those are beautiful. How involved were you in selecting the pieces of alligator Antonio used to make your shoes? The aurum pair I'm getting is going to be in elephant - Antonio sent me some pictures of the piece of elephant leather he got and asked me which pieces I was interested in. It's really cool to be involved at that level, hard, though, to imagine what would look good. I think it'll be easier once I see the test shoes in person.
Serious patience, that's impressive. What payment does he ask for up front?
Most shoemakers I've interacted with seem to have a definitive preference for working with calf or suede and dissuade you from requesting unusual leathers, either explicitly or through ruinous upcharges. Antonio is different: he wants to get you the exact shoe you want, and he seems excited by the possibilities of different exotic leathers (the range of skins he has available in his showroom is amazing). Perhaps as a result his up charges for odd leathers are much more...
No, I was planning on doing both chukkas with buckles - it's a new style for Antonio.
Buffalo test chukkas:
Yup, I opened a bottle of Joly Coulee de Serrant for some sour beer loving friends, and they were blown away.
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