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Never been on a track, not a ton of experience with fast cars before the CTS-V, but I can talk about my experience so far. I'd like to get the CTS-V on a track or a drag strip (I wish I'd gone to Bonneville salt flats when I had the chance) at some point, but it'll be a while before I do. The car is still crazy fun. Over the past few weeks, I've been able to get the CTS-V on lots of curvy, elevation-changing roads that were fun to hammer down using only semi-excessive...
2014 CTS-V wagon - picked it up in Portland OR a couple of weeks ago and drove it back to Massachusetts, took this at a stop along the way:
Test shoes on the feet.
Test boots incoming.
Sort of a very deep purple? I thought about asking for something similar - but ended up asking if he could do the crust elephant leather in a shade like this:
How was the 1980? I have a bottle of Warre's 1980 I'm waiting to share with some buddies (birth year for all of us).
@T4Phage - those are beautiful. How involved were you in selecting the pieces of alligator Antonio used to make your shoes? The aurum pair I'm getting is going to be in elephant - Antonio sent me some pictures of the piece of elephant leather he got and asked me which pieces I was interested in. It's really cool to be involved at that level, hard, though, to imagine what would look good. I think it'll be easier once I see the test shoes in person.
Serious patience, that's impressive. What payment does he ask for up front?
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