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When I was a kid I used to dream about having a car (Infiniti Q45, for some reason) with an all chrome exterior. Now, if I discovered I was a secret oil sheik the first thing I'd do after I left the Versace store would be to order a McLaren 650S Spider in a Newport color scheme: + Green and black pencil stripe body, gold accents, white walls.
I'm not sure technically how it works. The way it feels to me is that if you accelerate aggressively, you can feel the boost building with the supercharger (quickly) at the same time that revs go up. If you come off the throttle, though, revs aren't instantly going to drop, but the boost immediately does.When the boost is on, you can definitely feel an added push of torque on top of the crazy amount that was already there, and if you stay on it for more than a half...
In pictures, at least, the i8 does nothing for me - it's like what someone in 2005 thought a BMW supercar would look like in 2020. The fake engine noise piped in through the sound system...no thanks. I think I'm old.
Yeah, I think NA is cool too, but the supercharger on my V is pretty awesome. Driving around town, you never notice it. However, if you get on (and stay on) the throttle a little bit...the PSI needle jumping as the supercharger kicks in, feeling that extra wave of torque rolling in behind you, the crazy whining sound...it's great.
5.2L naturally aspirated flat-plane crank V8. 8250 RPM redline (!!!) $48k. I want this thing so bad.
Had another bottle from the case I bought of 2012 GB Burlotto Langhe - has a sort of dried orange peels, roses, and cherries floating in an indoor pool thing going on. So good, and an incredible value as a daily drinker.
Never been on a track, not a ton of experience with fast cars before the CTS-V, but I can talk about my experience so far. I'd like to get the CTS-V on a track or a drag strip (I wish I'd gone to Bonneville salt flats when I had the chance) at some point, but it'll be a while before I do. The car is still crazy fun. Over the past few weeks, I've been able to get the CTS-V on lots of curvy, elevation-changing roads that were fun to hammer down using only semi-excessive...
2014 CTS-V wagon - picked it up in Portland OR a couple of weeks ago and drove it back to Massachusetts, took this at a stop along the way:
Test shoes on the feet.
Test boots incoming.
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