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My pair of Antonio's elephant chukkas on my feet. Loving them so far. The color and skin together have the look of red earth that I wanted. The double sole and slightly toned down shaping of the waist and heel matches the rustic quality of the leather, but the shoe still looks sleek. And I really like the antiqued brass buckle Antonio found for the shoe. After two hours of wear I'm optimistic these are going to fit really well once broken in - planning on taking my...
I don't think I've ever had a wine where it was too tight/massive/concentrated to be interesting the first night but evolved into something interesting the second or third night. I've read about that in Cellartracker notes but never experienced it myself. However, if the wine starts off good then I've found it interesting to see how the wine softens and transforms on the second or third night.
Now, on the other hand, I'm not proud of this, but there have been a few times (just a few) where someone won't get out of the left lane and is being a complete jerk about it...so I pass them on the right when I finally have a chance, pull in front of the slowpoke in the left lane, and then slow down in front of them until they get out of the left lane. I'm pretty sure that marks me as a douche.
I never thought of this as douchey... If there's someone clogging the left lane, I pull up behind them - not right on their ass, but the slightest bit closer than I'd usually follow. I wait maybe five-ten seconds to give them a chance to move without being prompted, and if they don't, I flick the high beams at them (no honking).
Thoughts on using Dormeuil's 10oz 90% mohair/10% wool Tonik fabric for a navy blazer?
Antonio posted pics of the upper of my chukkas - I'm psyched about the color:
Picked up a bottle of this for a New Year's Eve dinner. Always wanted to try a Quintarelli red (I've only had the white) - can't wait.
I like Ramey's chardonnays, and check out Liquid Farm if you can find it.
Kenjiro Suzuki does the same thing - there's a pocket hidden in there.
You don't know what you're talking about. CTS-Vs attract enthusiasts. It's also easy to get the car into the 10s for ~$5k, and a lot of owners do. Also, for what it's worth, I drive one and I wasn't alive during the Carter administration.I'd bet you'd be far more likely to find a M5 or E63 blocking the flow of traffic in the left lane, driven by some asshole who just wanted the most expensive midsize German sedan on the lot.
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