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In the early 70s I gave my father a Datejust. He wore it for the rest of his life. I had it re-worked and gave it to my son for high school graduation. Although he is deeply bonded to his iPhone, he is seldom without his Rolex.   Feels a little like “You never actually own a Patek Philippe. You merely look after it for the next generation.” I guess i will have to get one.   My son also wears a pea coat. I wore it when I was younger and my father before that. It was...
My PTBs have a Church's logo in the heel similar to capnwes's penny loafers, and a sole/heel similar to catside's Barrie shoes.
I got the Gramercy Dublin Cognac Tuesday. This was from the recent Urbandaddy offer. Estimate was for 4-6 weeks. It took 5 1/2. Great leather, color, and fit.    
          The nail pattern in the heel is 4 outside, 7 inside, 4 front
Any idea on the maker? I thought Church's made their own shoes. I have a pair of shoes with similar labeling. I bought them at a Church's store 15 -20 years ago. Where yours say Handmade, mine say Genuine Cordovan. The tops look like Hanover PTBs. I am still trying to determine the maker. 
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