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I called.  I also just chatted with them and Silvia had this to say:  "Unfortunately, I do apologize that we no longer have the first time customer promotion available as the discount has been discontinued. The decision was made by our upper management to do so and I am very sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. However, we do still have our ongoing coupon code TULIP for 10% off your order on all non-restricted brands that you can apply at Checkout. Please note the...
Customer service at Revolve just told me they no longer offer the 30% new customer discount.
Beautiful shoes, RSS & BeSpiffington!  I was not really a big fan of shells and those pictures have made me realize I was wrong.   I have a pair of Alden PTB in natural Chrome Excel coming in a couple months and I can't wait to see them in person.  If anyone has some naturals, please post pics!
Reason I asked is because the Wolverine video shows them using shoe cream and shoe polish for scuffs so I thought that was a proper treatment for scrapes/scuffs.  I already have Filson boot oil (at your recommendation) and have used it on a pair of cowboy boots I beat to hell hunting last weekend and I like the results so far.  Thanks for all the info.
What color shoe polish do you guys use on your brown 1K mile boots?
Does that give a bit more traction?  Also, which Topy did you get?
Ohharro,   My 9.5 size boot measured 1 foot 2/16 inches and both were just about identical.  I hope this helps.
I have a size 9.5 and will get the measurements for you when I get home tonight.  I wore mine for the first time yesterday and it was a long day which included trick-or-treating with my kiddos, so it was a great way to test the boots.  I have to say they are extremely comfortable and great looking boots.  As so many have already mentioned, the leather is such great quality.  Here's a pic I took real quickly yesterday:
You guys should grab these while you can!  Great deal and wonderful people to deal with.
Funny how light can play with color.  The cordovan look virtually identical to the rust.   So which color is your favorite?
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