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  Good film but quite sad. Lots of vodka.   Beautiful music by Philip Glass.    
Watched several films lately, and this one was by far the best. Mind you, it is over 3 hours long.  
 Thank you all for the replies.I really don't know that much about the model, I need to check and don't know where. Brown it is then. I was thinking dark brown ostrich, like this from Camille Fournet, but it might be a bit excessive.
I am looking for a strap for my grandfather's old DeVille. Do you gents think I could go for dark brown -which I prefer given that I have another watch with a black strap- or should I stick to black?    
 Not sure, but I think it is every two weeks.
Mr Porter Europe is on gents
 I hope this justifies all the hype. Watching The Knick, which I like so far.
  Typical Woody Allen, not among his better works.
 No worries, it was really of no consequence.Do share your thoughts on boyhood, I also plan to watch it.
    Somehow the Chechen guy remained (literally) dirty for the duration of the film.Sorry for the spoiler @NAMOR
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