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 My favorite too. Maybe Badlands is good; I think I have watched it years ago but am not sure.
  Although I like Terence Malick, I think this one went too far with experimentation and improvisation, to the point I found it hard to follow. Also, although the cinematographer is one of the best, I think the camera was moving too much.
  I find it interesting that Woody Allen has managed to make all these films around the same "Woody Allen" character. A relaxing movie for a summer evening, exploring the usual Allen themes.   I liked the 1930s style and -especially- colors.       And Blake Lively is so hot I might even watch that shark movie. 
  A low budget film with a straightforward, simple story.   I do not remember when was the last time i was shocked by movie violence (come to think of it, it was probably Apocalypto). Shockingly brutal is a very accurate description.   Some solid acting though; I think I underestimated Kurt Russell.
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 No. It is the usual up to 70%, happens couple of weeks into the sale.
Mr Porter Europe 70%
 I live in Athens mate. I checked M635guy's recommendation but they are US based, so...I certainly need a good cobbler anyway, so appreciate your help. By the way I think I would avoid dainite. I find it hard and very slippery in wet pavement.
 Thank you, appreciated
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