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  This has not aged as well as I expected.   The camera is constantly using clever shots, either shooting from below eye level, or through obstacles, which I felt becomes tiring after a while.     John Barry's soundtrack is good though.       Liked it but felt it was extremely hard at times. I think I still prefer Oldboy and the Handmaiden.
  Complex, quite funny and sensitive. Not the best movie I'v seen recently, but much better than one would probably expect by "a German comedy".       Masterpiece.
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  The Air Force One crashes right next to the World Trade center. The POTUS actually kills people with a sub-machine gun. Isaac Hayes' car has some chandeliers on it.   Extravagant and still a lot of fun. Kurt Russell is great of course.
 Very balanced list. I see you picked the first Godfather (rather than the second). Die Hard too, interesting choice.I realize it is hard to pick ten films.
Do share your other favourites if you feel like it; it could make for an interesting discussion/debate.
  I had forgotten I had already watched this. I never really liked Delon playing the super cool guy, but I enjoyed it and think I understand why this is a classic. It establishes this immersive style from the very first scene, and sticks to it until the end. It is also very well shot. Might watch more Melville.
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