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 No. It is the usual up to 70%, happens couple of weeks into the sale.
Mr Porter Europe 70%
 I live in Athens mate. I checked M635guy's recommendation but they are US based, so...I certainly need a good cobbler anyway, so appreciate your help. By the way I think I would avoid dainite. I find it hard and very slippery in wet pavement.
 Thank you, appreciated
Gents,   I've had these Alden Officer chukkas for 2 years and have hardly worn them, because I dislike the chunky crepe sole (not my photos). Do you think I could have the soles replaced somehow, or should I forget about it?   Thanks    
  Good (but not great) film. Ben Mendelsohn is solid as usual. Cool soundtrack, if you like the blues that is.
  Some serious plot holes, but I enjoyed it. All punches land 100%.       Slow (of course) but short, sensitive and funny, I liked it. Fassbender and Ben Mendelsohn are solid. I want to watch Frank and Macbeth too.
 slightly off-topic, but the book -although quite different than the film- is excellent as well.
 Just saw this and I agree with your comment.It was good but I think I liked Bellezza a bit more.Maybe Sorrentino's movies are too heavy on symbolism.Btw Harvey Keitel was very fit well beyond the age of 50 (Bad Leutenant/The Piano era).
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