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 No worries, it was really of no consequence.Do share your thoughts on boyhood, I also plan to watch it.
    Somehow the Chechen guy remained (literally) dirty for the duration of the film.Sorry for the spoiler @NAMOR
  A bit of a let down
MORE20 for Europe. For Black Friday sales items.
Salvatore Piccolo   Bottega Bottega   Inis Meain   Sorry for the stock pics.
 Wait for Season 2. It's funny, because he sounds like Bane again I think. Very different than Locke.
  This, and Peaky Blinders.
 Yeah, you are right I think. I'll go for black.But I like cordovan, i do not care about the shine.
I received a cordovan strap for my old Sub from Camille Fournet, which however is rather small, and the case fitting is not curved, as I had asked for.   Edit: I am impressed by their customer service: they will make a new strap, even if the length was obviously my mistake.
 Valhalla is a favorite. I think I liked Only God Forgives too (but both hands, man...).I guess I will like Bronson too if you feel they are in the same vein.
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