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Salvatore Piccolo   Bottega Bottega   Inis Meain   Sorry for the stock pics.
 Wait for Season 2. It's funny, because he sounds like Bane again I think. Very different than Locke.
  This, and Peaky Blinders.
 Yeah, you are right I think. I'll go for black.But I like cordovan, i do not care about the shine.
I received a cordovan strap for my old Sub from Camille Fournet, which however is rather small, and the case fitting is not curved, as I had asked for.   Edit: I am impressed by their customer service: they will make a new strap, even if the length was obviously my mistake.
 Valhalla is a favorite. I think I liked Only God Forgives too (but both hands, man...).I guess I will like Bronson too if you feel they are in the same vein.
 This is exactly what I thought as soon as I finished Locke. I've even watched the Warrior, but not Bronson, Thanks.
  I expected to get bored, but i really liked this.
 Thanks. Sonatine is my favorite too, I agree.
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