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 Indeed, it is a preview. Use SUMMER15PREVIEW
 Sorry mate, you're right.I only post movies I liked, but in any case, this was brilliant.
    I liked both
I never managed to finish Pynchon's V. Watching this I remembered why. It's fun, absurd and overcomplicated.  
  Meanwhile, I watched this with my daughter. Crazy.
 In the mood for love is my favorite too. I also recommend Ceylan's Once upon a time in Anatolia. Trust me, it is excellent.
  I liked it. It is more interesting than the story suggests.   Beautiful cinematography:    
  Good film but quite sad. Lots of vodka.   Beautiful music by Philip Glass.    
Watched several films lately, and this one was by far the best. Mind you, it is over 3 hours long.  
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