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  This was an excellent film. Mostly unknown actors, I did not recognize the guy from The Wire. Hand held camera, but not too obvious/dizzying, as in End of Watch or other documentary style movies.
Among Wes Anderson's better films.     Not perfect but I enjoyed it. Good performance and a cool soundtrack too.
 Damn hot. One of the reasons I've watched it so many times.
 Very much.I loved this 
This again       I plan to watch the original too  
  Impressive documentary, recommended.
    So which one should I go for after the Bird Chronicle and Norwegian Wood gents? I liked the Chronicle more.
 Very good film indeed. I might have mentioned this again, but you will probably also like the King of Marvin Gardens.
Possibly, yes. I was about to watch Philomena today, so I don't have an opinion on this one yet.   I mentioned his books though, because I feel the movie's major flaw was due to the poor script (not to mention the dialogue).
New Posts  All Forums: