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@Epaulet These teasers for the new portuguese suits are killing me! I want to see pictures already haha!
@EpauletI'm looking for a pair of wool pants in this color, would the pewter crosshatch be a reasonable substitute?
Texture game on point.
When will the suiting go up on the site?
I think it just looks out of place with a suit and tie. BD collar and a jacket with no tie is fine! Looks really good on you too.
Does anyone have a picture of them wearing the Mcgraw Jacket from last year (or was it 2 years ago?)?
@Epaulet What do you think would be more versatile, the Feldmaus or the Sunset pique?
Hello, I am looking to buy a few pairs of wool dress pants, preferably Walt fit. my typical fit is 36/32 in Walt but I am not opposed to having a 35 or 38 tailored to fit me. Please let me know what you have!
We are live! http://epauletnewyork.com/collections/special-order-new-arrivals/products/hertling-ends-for-friends-trousers-jun-16-dress-wools
Inseam kills it for me
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