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Amazing work, were would you suggest buying best gator hides thanks Lorenzo
I wear 9.5 in EB 946 last, 10 in santoni, 10.5 bruno magli, 10 Allen Edmonds older models do not buy there newer shoes if that helps, I cannot wear EB 363 last to narrow for me.
Which model is the first pic and what last to sweet
EB 946 last wider cut, i wear 10d santoni fatte amano, 10d allen edmonds goodyear and euro 9.5 on the 946 last dont no about other lasts
So I'll ask you and if anyone else chimes in so be it. If you had the choice of Goodyear or a hand welted shoe lets say by Enzo Bonafe, for the same price no up charge. What would you choose. To some may seem like a trick question but to those who no the difference it should be easy.
I do understand they us Goodyear because of popularity, I walked into a known maker in Florence last month and he has RTW and MTO he said he only makes Goodyear but his shop had no machinery only him and apprentice just a relative term I guess.
Agreed no sense in hand stitching when machine makes it a better, if I want hand stitched I go Norweigen.
I understand that, and that even though it is the same makeup and process the Goodyear can only be done by machine hence it's named after inventor, what would you call it if made the same but hand stitched and not machine.
When I was there in June they pointed out a Goodyear machine they had purchased, but they will do a Goodyear welt by hand also only difference is machine or hand
Very nice love the color, what does this style cost delivered to USA if you don not mind thanks Lorenzo
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