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I'm curious price on this too, let me no
Bonafe's are definitely priced well for the quality, best sole for the price on the market today
I understand I'm in ventura county people drive faster when it rain but will probably just drizzle its California
You are right I meant F standard and G wide
In EB how much wider is h width over g does anyone no
From what I've seen and price range EB is not mass produced better quality bit more price wise and handwelted. That's what draws me to Bonafe
I wear 9.5 in EB 946 last, 10 in santoni, 10.5 bruno magli, 10 Allen Edmonds older models do not buy there newer shoes if that helps, I cannot wear EB 363 last to narrow for me.
Which model is the first pic and what last to sweet
EB 946 last wider cut, i wear 10d santoni fatte amano, 10d allen edmonds goodyear and euro 9.5 on the 946 last dont no about other lasts
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