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Thanks. I've put it into the washing machine and poured ketchup instead of washing powder. It should come out nice and red.
I got blood on my tux. How should I get it off? It's white.
Yesterday a bunch of kids broke into my apartment. I drew my swordcane and slice on of thems fingers off, the index and middle one. Will I be sued? What is Dr. Watson (man on the right) wearing under his jacket but over his jumper, and where may I procure myself one of them?
In France, (where I live), wearing even a blazer will get you a strange look. A three piece suit will get you alot of stares. It's the sad truth, no one under 40 in France wears even just a shirt. No, the style is Jeans pulled down to your hips (no, I am not joking), exposing a good 30% of your undergarments. Mostly accompanied by Shoes designed for skating, a T-shirt with some intelligent slogan such as "F*** your mother", and maybe a cap worn...
When would you recommend wearing a three piece suit?
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