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does cordovan conti feel more like suede or like calf roughout boots?
I hear you but most plebs really don't know exactly what to look for.  On a couple different occasions back in the day when i was wearing brown red wings and a chore coat i got a few jokes from close friends about looking like a skinhead.  Just gauging for the average guy on the street.  I know its a silly thing to be fixated on but I live in LA where there's a big Jewish population.  People didn't grow up with skinheads here in the US and don't realize it takes more than...
Normally I wouldn't give a shit about what people think about what I wear, but if I were to wear something that gave off the vibe that I'm an outward racist, I'm going to be treated differently. I don't want the dude in the kitchen to spit in my spaghetti because of a jacket. I don't think it's ridiculous to think that could happen, which is why I'm asking. Would I be safe with anything else in black lamb?
I'm a slim guy with a shaved head. If I plan on ordering just one toj, I would prefer a black lamb as everyone recommends. The thing is, I want the MA-1 in black lamb, but I feel like I'd be way too skinhead looking, esp. with black boots. Has this association gone away? Or should I just get a 2010 dr? Rather look like a biker than a skinhead
i think he wants an explanation of the bolded part
so if i'm understanding right, the ones with the toe cap (its an inner toe cap right, like a lining) are going to look more like average combat boots and those without are gonna look eventually like a pair of socks?
ipractice: do the 995s really look this square toed and bulbous in person?  I've seen pics online where they can look either really slim or like red wings.  Its hard to find good fitpics
So I finally got my first pair of shell, alden j crew captoes. I'm happy with them, and normally I'm not one to complain about small imperfections on handmade items, but after so many mentions of QC issues in this thread I had to check the pair more diligently before I decide to keep them. I don't really care about the minor cosmetic defects I found, but I did want to be careful when it comes to construction issues. There is a loose string where the quarter meets the...
size 8.  Paypal ready
ok I'm going nuts making final decisions before my order   Is there any real difference between a 4 zip MDR and 2010 DR besides the four cinch belts at the waist?  Maybe a different cut or size of the collar?  If thats the only difference, why not just order a 2010 and seamrip the cinches off if I feel like the jacket's too busy?
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