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Sup fellas, I've got three unworn shirts from bonobos. They only have a line through the tag so that they can't be returned to Bonobos (I got them from another retailer). Make me an offer or a trade offer and we can see what we can work out (I'm a size small, 30, 10.5)   Bonobos Papelino Slim in XS and Medium white - 30 plus shipping Measurements for XS Chest is 18.25" Shoulder is 15.5" Length from bottom of collar is 29" Sleeve is...
Hey there, I've got lots of shoes I need to get rid of. Here is a picture of all of them together, to save time. All shoes are new condition but no tags or boxes. Prices do not include shipping (I'm in the US), all offers are considered, and best offer is taken. Thanks for looking! BOOTS Eastland Sherman 1955 Boot in Oak size 12  Perfect condition other than the little leather marks from handling that you can rub off with your finger. I included a picture of me wearing...
There is a consignment store (or something of the sort) that occasionally takes in clothing from Bonobos. not sure why they get it, but all the stuff is new (albeit not crisp, if that makes sense). Right now they have pants in all fits, sizes, and colors. They also have a decent amount of shirts and even a few blazers/suit jackets. If you are interested, PM me with what size, fit, and color you want of anything and I'll be going back a few times this week to pick up...
Am I missing the pics?   Edit: nevermind, how do the gant shirts fit compared to GBV
GBV/gap/Eastland Made in Maine watcha think
I'd love to see a fit pic. Is it slim or more bomber-like
Sorry if something about this post is done incorrectly, I'm not too familiar with this site yet. I have a pair of 3Sixteen Shadow Selvage SL-120x, brand new, unhemmed, unworn. I'm a confirmed seller on MFA's B/S/T threads, can post proof if needed. 150 shipped conus.   Check here for measurements, pics, all that.
I tried on both the Gio and the Westpoint recently. I was a 30 in the gio for the waist, a 29 in w+h for the waist; however, the w+h were too tight on my thighs. Extrapolate from that what you can. w+h was definitely slimmer in the thigh.  
Measurements on olive work pants? Waist, thigh, length, and hem would be fabulous
Are the Danner for J.Crew boots good for hiking? I've been looking for a pair of Danners in this style for a while and these are on sale. Are these more just fashion boots? Are they Gore-Tex lined?
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