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Actor Tony Hamilton on the right in R.M. Williams Craftsman Boots from the 1988-90 TV series Mission Impossible.
Yes, the store was empty.  They are gone.  Was kinda disappointing, as I had went there with my girlfriend to buy her a pair of boots she saw back in December. Thought I would treat her. Take the subway over from Brooklyn, walked a bunch of blocks and the place has closed shop. What happened?
Anyone know what happened to the NYC store?  Went there this past Sunday Feb. 02, 2014 and the the place was vacant. Kinda disappointing.
    Levis 501 jeans from the late 80s.
I really like my Savile Row Diaflex High Joints with cable temples.   http://www.go-optic.com/store/eyeglasses/details.asp?id=34962      
New Posts  All Forums: