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The shoulders a tad too wide, esp. in the back.   Now that I live in Shanghai, it's really easy to find tailors that do what TaT does w/out the middleman (TaT itself) for about 1/4th the price. In addition to this you can change the armhole width and other stuff that's normally default for TaT. I recommend anyone who lives in a major Chinese city to check out the fabric markets here.
I think people generally overestimate, rather than underestimate, their shoulder measurements. Either that or Jason's algorithm is made to be a little wide for first-timers.   At least I think he meant nomad.
I'm guessing the sale items from Novoid Plus are final?
You can't trace your lineage that far back; neither can I. The argument is not genealogical, it's culturo-historical, and deals with macro-history. That's why even though I don't know my great-great-great-n grandparents' names, I know they likely had topknots, wore saris, or had boiled leather shoes. Genealogy has very little to do with it, and "diaspora" usually involves the identity of an entire ethnicity as it disperses globally. The other point was the identity...
Those suit pants do not fit well.  
What color shoe cream/polish should I use for tan 1000 mile boots? Brown and black are easy to deal with but I'm scared of just picking a random cream and having it ruin the color.
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