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 Can someone confirm the veracity of this distinction?  My understanding is that they are the exact same thing except that the thickness of some fabrics naturally "swells" more pronouncedly in this sort of stitching.  
No one can help me with this?
Thanks so much.     Is this a difficult job for which I should seek out a superb tailor - or is it relatively easy and it doesn't matter much as long as he's competent?  
I own a thrifted sport jacket from the 1960s - it's a lovely hopsack. I haven't worn it much until lately. In the hot weather, the lining seems to impart its color to my shirts. Is this because it's old? Should I look into have it replaced?
Silverfox, that is a superb post.  Makes a great deal of sense to me.  Very well said sir.  
Thanks SartodiNapoli! Yes, I think that's true too. I was talking with a well-known clothing mavin here in NYC this past spring, and he was the one who told me that oxford weaves are cooler. And his explanation made sense: because of the weave it allows air to pass through more easily than poplin. Also, it doesn't stick to perspirating skin the way that poplin does (that last point IS true I believe) But it's one of those things that seems to be true theoretically,...
Anyone make use of these guys lately?  How is the quality?  Seems like they've really tried to revamp things.  
 This is correct.  I really wish this fad would go away.  It's almost painful to look at, lol.  
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