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^Agreed, the white pair looks better. I want to see how they look when someone post em. I was thinking of copping the purple Balenciaga lows (so hyped) but they sold out on MrPorter... maybe it was meant to be lol
The funiwaras In white & the maroonish/black/grey are aight. Not too fond of the rafs but I want to see the other color ways.
I'd post one of the ads that are still circulating on youtube but I always tend to mess those up.
im sure someone has mentioned this before but also similar to the Homer gets in a Simpsons episode:
Surge! Anyone remember it?
When is there going to be a restock?
"Have you ever been told not to wash your premium selvedge denim? Or to put it in the freezer? Or to take it to the ocean and scrub it with sand? Or to wear it in a full bathtub? Denim gurus Kiya Babzani (Self Edge, founder) and Andrew Chen (Self Edge NY; 3sixteen, founder) have heard all that and more. And they think it’s bullsh*t."   LINK       (Couldn't get the video to embed properly) Thought this was worth sharing... Rather new to this forum.
How do the black ps fade over time?
When is there going to be another wallet with an eyelet suitable for the leather chain?
Divided in 2 pics lol but PS Sz 29.... was thinking of sizing down 1, doubt I will.
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