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I was reading a comedy article that linked to here: Thought MC might enjoy some of this pics.
You might find something you like from filson (SF approved):
Good lord, what is that . . . 1 - 1.5 stitches per inch? Those are not on par with saddleback and the price is outrageous based on the stitching alone. I'm actually offended by the audacity.
+1 This thread is ridiculous.
Wouldn't conservative business peacocking just go in the regular wawyt thread? These stylistic subgroups are like a hydra, gotta keep them in check.
In the spirit of fatty talk, one thing I don't get is why "real women" (and by extension "real people") are supposed to be accepted and thought of as a good thing while skinny models and celebrities are denounced for being "too skinny". I really do hate the "real women" trend. Why is fatness acceptable and why are people constantly told that they're "just supposed to love who they are and be happy with their bodies"? What a cop out. If anything should be the trend, it...
That thread scared the crap out of me, most of the time you can see what they were thinking when they put in their measurements. "If I just input a smaller number on the waist, I'll get waist suppression!"
I would say this has to do with your (our) perception of what "dressing nice" is.You may be surprised, but you shouldn't be; most of those guys wearing tent shirts and baggy dockers do think that they're dressed well. Ignorance is bliss.
I like beautiful things.
What you should do is take those pictures of other people's art with instagram, upload them to the internet then write an article about how you're going to have a show in which you will only write the URL of the image on the wall, the URL's will all link to a webpage that has this as it's only image set as the background: People will be expecting pictures of actual things, but be presented with an image of a webpage not found when they go to the webpage that you created...
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