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See peacock thread.
Is it time for a dedicated, "I am so mad at GQ I pooped my pants" thread?
Some navy overload in here, I'll put in a vote for camel.
As another said, "if you have to ask" then the answer is no. If you're gonna wear one, then you're gonna wear one and anyone who doesn't like it can shove it.
If you're wearing something 3 times a week, it's going to get worn faster and require cleaning sooner. I'd stay cheap and go with something that's available. http://www.jcrew.com/mens_feature/TheLudlowShop/PRDOVR~11707/11707.jsp I know jcrew isn't the bastion of suiting, but there you go - worsted wool, charcoal and navy, double vented, you can buy two suits for $850 and rotate. If you do choose to go with a MTM service, get your measurements done properly otherwise you...
What? No neon orange pocket square? Come on, step it up.
Yes, but do you have an evil twin who will pose with you for that picture?
I can also vouch for this hotel, it's clean and safe. In addition the two oldest pizzerias aren't too far away, kinda between the hotel and train station.Shopping isn't too far, Chaia is about 30-40 minute walk away. If you haven't been before I'd go to the old Spanish palace and tour the interior.
Here's something that should scare people in my age bracket (read: much younger than the fogies in this thread). Recently we have hired some fairly young college grads (21 - 25) - they don't get any Seinfeld references.
I don't see a peacock anywhere on those pants. Fail.
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