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One of these days I'll make it to a meet up!!! Stitchy will never be the same after the beard stroking I give him.
Never been a big fan of large paisley patterns, also that shirt and tie do not like each other at all.
This is all true, but it is a huge leap for an artisan to make. I'll myself as an example, I make leather bags one by one, cut, hand-stitched and finished by me. I'm the whole team, sitting at a table (upgraded from living room floor) doing the work. At most, I could probably crank out 4-5 bags per week. And that's if they're simple to construct. I can usually do 1-3 bags.Working in small batches increases your unit cost as I can't buy leather hides in bulk (first of all I...
This. Or a small satchel (maybe a filsons field bag), messenger bag or a folio.
If you want to gild something here's my advice (based on quite a bit of gold leafing experience). Apply your adhesive with a brush. Treat each area as a panel and work only that area. Use flat tweezers to hold the leaf, do not use your fingers, also be careful not to breathe towards the leaf, you want to keep it as un-crinkled as possible. Allow that area to dry before you continue. Do not stack layers of leaf. When an area is dry, take a clean and dry soft bristle...
This isn't true across the board. There are some brands and some high end lines from certain brands that really are very well made. Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Valextra, Bottega Venetta just to name a few. Top shelf stuff at the high end, some of the best leather is used, along with old world artisanal construction (read hand prep'd, dyed, stitched and finished). Granted, you will pay a premium from these brands for their very high end stuff. More than you would pay at say SAB...
+1 zissou, 1/4" is a bit much. While I don't produce belts for sale at this point, I use 9-10oz for my own.
I don't like very short fashion oriented suit jackets, but this one could stand to have .5" - 1" shaved off. Also, the sleeves are too long, you are clearly wearing a shirt (at least it won't go straight to creepy sartorial threak), but I can't see even a sliver of cuff. What did the tailor say? He's more of an expert (hopefully) than we are.
Some great looks and very nice jackets there gdl. I'm jelly.
I love your recent work gallery casemaker, beautiful stuff.
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