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Prices vary!!! More pictures available through etsy link in my sig - I have deerskin glasses cases $55, lizardskin wallets $75 & $60, italian lambskin wallet/pouches $60 and bridle leather key fobs $10. Check them out. pm me if you want to go through paypal, if not, please use the Etsy link in my signature - you can apply discount code SFCONUS at checkout to free shipping.
Well, if the coat was navy or charcoal (or even a deep burgundy) it wouldn't be a very loud outfit and the scarf would pop.
So, more important than this story . . . where are said NSFW banner ads. I clicked hoping for those and got nothing special. Have you been visiting naughty websites?
You spoke in the restroom. It is forbidden.
Maybe a third party needs to emerge, one with progressive social values (or even a libertarian stance on government social interference) , a strong grasp of international policy and well thought out fiscal plans (actual plans, not "lower taxes, cut government" - that's not a plan, that's a catchphrase). I'm not sure if republicans know how far right they've gone, I think their idea of where the center rests is quite skewed. Also, they need to stop waging a cultural war...
I didn't know the black panthers were still a thing. Had it not been for this thread, if I had seen a black guy in black clothes standing around I probably would have just assumed it was some guy waiting for his wife to finish using the bathroom.
Wish I could find some peccary hide, I'm interested in making gloves but can never find suppliers.
I've never had issues with buckle closures on bags, I do think "struggle" is a fairly strong word to use to describe undoing straps. If you're constantly in and out of your bag (lets say you keep your mobile in there), I can see it being annoying, but if you're commissioning a piece, you can always think of what you access regularly and have an outside pocket installed somewhere. Also of importance is where the shoulder strap connects to the body. If it's on the side...
I don't know where you are in France, but I was in Paris this past April and I saw nothing like what you described. Granted, I did not see anyone in a three-piece, but plenty of decent looks and many suits.
If obesity could be solved by popping a mint or taking a shower, then they might be similar. No loud obnoxious personalities should be mandated in all areas of life, not just airplanes - maybe death penalty?
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