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Lol, love this thread. I feel your pain man!
Bridle leather is termed as such due to the processes it goes through during the tanning process. The bottom level of bridle leather is very high in term of quality whereas calf, gator/croc and others only describe the animal from which it came, not the process it underwent. So the quality is very variable with the others. Bridle leather is also meant specifically for heavy use, although I will say that most wallets employ much thinner leather of any given type, otherwise...
I've made some for myself, but haven't been too happy with the leather. I'm in the process of supply hunting for next year.
You should totally wear a bandolier belt! Would be way more badass.
Heh, Napoli is great, but yeah I definitely don't have the stones to drive out there. I can barely stomach crossing the street. There is no stop, there is only go.
Mass production isn't necessarily the next or only step one can take to increase output. Traditionally, an artisan would either take an apprentice or find a like minded artisan interested in working under one banner. Still limited and will never be as scalable as modern factory production, but it does allow for greater variety of goods or further refinement of product as an apprentice can take on the more basic tasks allowing more experienced craftsmen to work on finer...
It's already irrelevant - people tend to buy new phones long before their battery degrades in any meaningful way.
They look great and look very well made. I wouldn't be worried, prices are very reasonable as well.
Who knew being a designer was so easy! Words + t-shirt = Designer (maybe you can put that on a tee).
I knew my schedule was too good to be true for all of five minutes. Monday was gonna be tough anyway. Once again, someday!
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