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Well to be perfectly fair, none of this would have happened if Jeffries had been better at speaking to the media. They've been marketing their fit white American image for a long time with no issue and the only reason they attracted this attention is because Jeffries was mean to fatties.While he has freedom of speech, he also has the freedom to enjoy the consequences or benefits of his rhetoric/actions. What if instead of saying anything about fat people he said something...
Printable crocs = the future of footwear.
How long does it take for these things to ship? Went through the whole spiel in early December and I'm sitting here at the end of January wondering what's up.
This is what passes for a "nice dress shoe" for 99.99% of the population: If you are wearing anything better than that, no one will notice (unless you go with some outlandish color).
I went to UNR for a year (Reno is the shittiest city I've ever experienced) and I did, in fact, walk 4 miles to school, uphill (one way - downhill the other!) IN . . . THE . . . SNOW! Booyaa!
Buy cheap, wait until you're at your goal weight AND you find that it's sustainable (meaning go another 3-6 months at that weight). You might spend a year looking like a shlub, but consider it atonement for your prior eating/exercise habits. This way you can get what you want rather going half-way and never being satisfied.
You're welcome to use this method iroh, it's almost as good as your sock fix.
Well, I have a bit of a quick hack job solution for you if you're desperate to minimize their visibility. Here I made some fairly good sized holes using a diamond punch in some soft lambskin. Using some eco-flo leather glue I coated the area where I made holes (I recommend working in small section because you want to wipe off excess before it dries!). Here you can see that I wiped off the top layer of glue. I just used a regular paper towel, you should not use...
I think the primary argument is over it being naturally occurring vs influenced by man. I personally have a difficult time believing that the expansion of civilization/technology doesn't have an impact on our environment, but enough people believe that we aren't capable of harming the planet to any significant degree to create a stalemate.
That's a beautiful sweater mymil, wear it well.
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