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I've never had issues with buckle closures on bags, I do think "struggle" is a fairly strong word to use to describe undoing straps. If you're constantly in and out of your bag (lets say you keep your mobile in there), I can see it being annoying, but if you're commissioning a piece, you can always think of what you access regularly and have an outside pocket installed somewhere. Also of importance is where the shoulder strap connects to the body. If it's on the side...
I don't know where you are in France, but I was in Paris this past April and I saw nothing like what you described. Granted, I did not see anyone in a three-piece, but plenty of decent looks and many suits.
HansderHund, I did not know that countries outside of the US and Canada celebrate Labor Day or use it as a cut off point for the color/type of clothing one is permitted to wear. I think the whole thing is arbitrary, but then again, I don't really wear white or seersucker in general.
Near nothing was way too much to pay for that. Even for free you should have declined.
I know what double-breasted is, and I know what a cardigan is. But I hadn't seen them together before, so I did an image search. Thanks to you OP, I am now blind, and my life expectancy has been considerably shortened.
Well if we want to go by majority rules . . . I suppose his pants aren't in the red family.
Again, this doesn't really define which industry you're in.Let's say you're in IT and you're meeting with a software firm. Neither is the correct option as just about everyone will be wearing t-shirt and jeans. That doesn't make that particular business meeting any less important than let's say a negotiation between financial firms. I think the implicit assumption being made is that if you are in a CBD environment in the US, which suit do you choose?
My best guess is that SAB custom orders their colors, most well known brands generally work with suppliers to get something exclusive.Though, if I had to match names and colors, I'd say that London Tan = London Color, it would deepen in hue after oil treatments, though I wouldn't be surprised if a bit of light havana is added for depth.. Chestnut = Hazel or Light Havana though it seems like it has a hint of red. And Havana = A couple shades lighter than Dark Havana.
Yeah the butt is the better cut and most expensive (we call them premium bends in the states). Now, the shoulder is the next best cut and frankly is still excellent. English Bridle leather is fantastic stuff in general. While I don't know SAB's business practices, I can't imagine they only use shoulders. You can cut more panels, straps and corners by buying a whole back (shoulder, butt, and belly) for a lower cost. At the very least the back minus the belly for the best...
That's beautiful work, if you have the funds, go for it.
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