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And where's the premium water for Styleforvm members??? It should have some spezz, label should be just a little crooked, peeling in one corner; and the cap should leak a few drops when you tilt it sideways - but only if you tilt it just so . . . Oh and you get a punch card, for every 10 bottles you buy, you get a free pocket square!
I'm not even qualified to be an amateur interior decorator, but I'll add my thoughts. If it's wood flooring and in decent nick, don't bother with a rug. Small space doesn't need something making it look smaller. Of course, I would make an exception if the rug was really something special. I would move the couch down, put the chair in the corner by the window with the stool next to it. No bubble lamp. It's a cool piece, but not for a small space. Coffee table is too...
Wait wait wait. Are you telling me that I can get dismissed from jury duty by posting something like that on FB or twitter or something? I would love to never serve jury duty, I just assume they're all guilty anyway, I don't need to hear any "facts".
But this would violate the very logical thought process of, "Yes, but my family isn't here illegally therefore "real Latinos" should be agasint immigration."Maybe OP can start the Horchata Party, only downside is that they will be targeted by the IRS.
I think the phrase is, "I got mine!"
As someone who can't (or maybe won't) afford a $1500 chair knock-off or not, I'm having an incredibly difficult time understanding why you would buy an imitation for that much money instead of just splurging and getting a proper original? Honestly, $1500 for a chair . . . you've already passed any semblance of thriftiness or affordability at such a price point - at least if you're considering what mere mortals buy. So just keep going, yes $4-5k is a lot more than $1500,...
The final act was self defense imo (not that my opinion will matter, I'm not going to be on the jury) - I'm just looking at the events leading up to it and think that Zimmerman had some metal courage packed in his waistband which led him to seek a scenario that turned out badly. I don't think his intention was to shoot anyone at all, but I think he was emboldened by the knowledge that he had a firearm.
I didn't say Trayvon was innocent, nor that he was a good person. But I was mentioning that Zimmerman would probably have been better off and that he most likely feels that way at this point in time.Had Trayvon broken into a home and punched a lady in the face and stole their TV, we never would have heard about it. He may not have assaulted anyone that day. It's all speculation on what could have happened. But I am almost certain that Z regrets his choice regardless of...
Relax, one of the (small) benefits of our political system is that we do in fact change leaders every now and then and we do so quite peacefully. No need to blow a gasket in Obama's second term, save it for 2016 - their will be new contenders for you to shake your fist at.
After all this, I'm almost certain Zimmerman is regretting his choice. Letting some punk kid walk around the neighborhood (maybe break-in to someone's home and steal a TV or other small material possession) seems like a far superior option to having your entire life ruined regardless of whether or not you acted in a justified manner. He's lost more than he could have imagined, how many plasma TV's worth of wages, time, legal fees have been lost on some punk kid? I...
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