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Worst planet in the universe.
How about Favorite version of Christian Bale? Slick Bale Breaking Bale Mid-Life Crisis Bale Rico Suave Bale Jenny Craig Bale Lost My Razor Bale 88 MPH Bale True to Life Bale So I Saw the Matrix Bale SF Not Approved Bale Topically Convenient Bale
Reevolving is still around? Damn, some trolls have serious endurance.
I'd start watering plants with Brawndo - it's got what plants need, it's got electrolytes!
This will blow up in their faces. I do think there are issues with income/wealth gaps, non-mobile labor vs mobile capital, cost of living in US vs developing countries. But it really will backfire. These middle age minimum wage workers who are trying to support their families are going to be shocked when they're all competing for minimum wage jobs that require a bachelors when the employment line fills up with college grads. If they think that they'll get their $15...
I need feminism so that women and men can band together to eliminate bronyism. Cause seriously, those guys are messed up and a danger to society.
Past the point of no return. It's like asking if someone is afraid of Hurricane Katrina now. Well, it's done and gone. There's no fight to be had.And if pressed, people would instantly choose their gadgets over rights. Asking the entire populace to get up in arms also means asking them to do away with modern life.
Same reason no one reads the terms of service on any things they install or use. People will gladly click "accept" to use the latest shiny. http://www.google.com/intl/en/policies/privacy/, read the "information we collect" and the "how we use information we collect", that's pretty normal stuff for just about everything nowadays.Did you sign up for internet through an ISP? You agreed to ToS which will monitor your internet usage.Do you have a mobile phone? Remember all that...
I reject the dominant cultures use of pronouns in general and only refer to people via their full legal name and all currently completed degrees. But seriously, they can call themselves whatever they want and they can call me whatever they want, don't care. They want to make up pronouns to use day by day, have at it. Just don't expect me to know that sisiloun means "that person" and that tomorrow it'll change to Yyyyh with a silent 'h'.
Guys, he got 45 recommends! Forty . . . Five! That's like, literally all of the recommends.
New Posts  All Forums: