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5 shoe wardrobe for me would look like Black captoe Brown captoe Tan/Reddish brown (brandy) brogue Tan Norwegian split toe blucher Tan Lace up brogue boot I probably wouldn't move onto loafers until I had a pair of suede shoes, another pair of boots, double monks, and black wholecuts.
http://andrewlockshoes.com/products/389957-the-black-oxford http://meermin.es/ficha_articulo.php?id=2033 Or Allen Edmonds park avenues if you find them on sale, not worth their retail price.
Agreed Holdfast, it's part of the double edged sword that is "business casual" . If you're wearing a jacket, let alone an actual suit you're already considered "formally" dressed, rightly or wrongly. This enables us to play with a greater scope of options. No one will care that you wore chestnut double monks instead of black captoes. On the down side, no one will distinguish a great piece you might have vs just another X. Another big plus is that even if you're a walking...
NORE, it would serve you well to learn about color theory. You like color, as do I, but if you're interested in wearing these colors, you should learn how to wield them properly. Some of your color picks are off, you fall prey to what women regularly do with, "my purse is red, my blouse is red, so naturally, red shoes will match!" like your first outfit, the PS should not have had that candy pink border. The tie should have been a violet or medium purple. In this more...
Well I don't think you can expect to convert all or even the majority of MCers, but there are those of us who are listening (like myself). If you narrow you goal to that of mentorship for the willing, you will find success. Not to mention an unknown number of lurkers that could be very interested as well as active members. I can safely say, that I will be following the guidelines you et al are putting forth, but it will take a few years or more to really build such a...
A little pessimistic there. The information you, Manton, vox, and others are putting forth is being absorbed, partially in some case and fully in others. But you can't expect people to be able to read the classical rules and then turn around within a couple days with complete wardrobe.There will always be detractors, but I feel safe in assuming that you have inspired enough people to at least claim a victory. It's easy to say its all gone to hell, but if there has ever...
That tie . . . So bad. Not in an FU kind of way, but in a "I have the worst tie in this city, and no one can take that from me."
If the weather is obviously foul I wear rubber soled beaters. I can forgo a day in leather soles to avoid risk. Although, light rain doesn't bother me.
Sounds good, look forward to seeing the finished product.
Is that a flat sleeve on the back of the bag? If so, I agree that it's a good idea esp for traveling. Is there room inside to keep things like phone, keys, and wallet? Or do you keep those in pockets?
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