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I like beautiful things.
What you should do is take those pictures of other people's art with instagram, upload them to the internet then write an article about how you're going to have a show in which you will only write the URL of the image on the wall, the URL's will all link to a webpage that has this as it's only image set as the background: People will be expecting pictures of actual things, but be presented with an image of a webpage not found when they go to the webpage that you created...
I'm pretty sure they are, but SW&D would know better.
There are a few leather artisans on SF, you can do a search for those. And, though I don't typically solicit people, I make hand stitched leather bags - if interested you can pm me.
For $340 you can get one custom made to match your needs. Not to knock saddleback bags, but their 100 year warranty is not because they're exceptionally made bags, it's because of redundancy , double stitching, rivets at all stress points.
My Double Monks arrived last week, I wanted to spend some time in them before posting a review. I'm a true D width and they fit great, toe box is comfy, the last isn't blobby and the finish looks great. I can already tell the leather is going to wear wonderfully over time. Also, customer service was great. Big thumbs up for Andrew Lock shoes.
That wasn't very ethical to my brain. I has ded.
Fiat 500 Abarth!
I have two shirts shipped as of today, can't wait to see how they turned out.
Naaailed it!
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