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I'm pretty sure they are, but SW&D would know better.
There are a few leather artisans on SF, you can do a search for those. And, though I don't typically solicit people, I make hand stitched leather bags - if interested you can pm me.
For $340 you can get one custom made to match your needs. Not to knock saddleback bags, but their 100 year warranty is not because they're exceptionally made bags, it's because of redundancy , double stitching, rivets at all stress points.
That wasn't very ethical to my brain. I has ded.
Fiat 500 Abarth!
I have two shirts shipped as of today, can't wait to see how they turned out.
Naaailed it!
When you finally grow up you realize that adults are just little children who have developed more complex ways of having tantrums. It's exhausting and everytime I see dead weight at work, I wish HR would go away so they can be canned immediately.
Step 1 for successful online or mail order MTM is to really know your measurements and how they translate to fabric. Step 2 be honest about what you're asking for in regards to the first. People too often have this idea in their mind of what they think tailoring can make them look like instead of simply complimenting what they actually look like. Square peg round hole syndrome - A person hears Made to Measure, they think they can order whatever they've seen from anywhere...
5 shoe wardrobe for me would look like Black captoe Brown captoe Tan/Reddish brown (brandy) brogue Tan Norwegian split toe blucher Tan Lace up brogue boot I probably wouldn't move onto loafers until I had a pair of suede shoes, another pair of boots, double monks, and black wholecuts.
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