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Great interview, really enjoyed it. But pizza is pizza? Come on now, that is crazy talk.
You're shoes are fine, it's just a combination of the narrow toe and the line of the cap. Unless you plan on changing your foot or lengthening the shoe by a size that's where the crease will fall for you on this particular pair. If you can't accept it and you have no way to exchange for a different last that works better for your foot, then worst case scenario just use them as beaters for rainy days. But really, just wear them and enjoy them, it's just a crease.
Using the word "classy" automatically exempts you from being so.As for your question, the answer is no, it's not normal. If you want to do it, go ahead.
It does look like it's just a natural occurrence in the leather (at least in the picture) - but, at SAB prices they should not be using anything less than pristine premium hides.
Hey if it works for you, go for it.
Reevolving is still around? Damn, some trolls have serious endurance.
I'm not even qualified to be an amateur interior decorator, but I'll add my thoughts. If it's wood flooring and in decent nick, don't bother with a rug. Small space doesn't need something making it look smaller. Of course, I would make an exception if the rug was really something special. I would move the couch down, put the chair in the corner by the window with the stool next to it. No bubble lamp. It's a cool piece, but not for a small space. Coffee table is too...
As someone who can't (or maybe won't) afford a $1500 chair knock-off or not, I'm having an incredibly difficult time understanding why you would buy an imitation for that much money instead of just splurging and getting a proper original? Honestly, $1500 for a chair . . . you've already passed any semblance of thriftiness or affordability at such a price point - at least if you're considering what mere mortals buy. So just keep going, yes $4-5k is a lot more than $1500,...
How long does it take for these things to ship? Went through the whole spiel in early December and I'm sitting here at the end of January wondering what's up.
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