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Great interview, really enjoyed it. But pizza is pizza? Come on now, that is crazy talk.
You're shoes are fine, it's just a combination of the narrow toe and the line of the cap. Unless you plan on changing your foot or lengthening the shoe by a size that's where the crease will fall for you on this particular pair. If you can't accept it and you have no way to exchange for a different last that works better for your foot, then worst case scenario just use them as beaters for rainy days. But really, just wear them and enjoy them, it's just a crease.
Using the word "classy" automatically exempts you from being so.As for your question, the answer is no, it's not normal. If you want to do it, go ahead.
What a horrible mother. That's like Disney evil step-mom level crazy right there. As for the greater issue of euthanasia/suicide. I'm all for Futurama style suicide booths. I understand that people are often temporarily depressed, but I still think that they should be allowed to make this choice. Maybe the suicide booth can be covered in pictures of puppies and rainbows and if that doesn't make them feel better, then they're free to "use the facilities".
This unfortunately happened to me. I wish I could say it was as a child, but I was 23. My friends and I decided airsoft would be a fun hobby to take up. Thankfully we did buy the goggles, but I did not wear the full face mask. My left front tooth is a false one because I got shot from about 15-20 feet away. Pretty much sucked.When they hit you anywhere else, meh, it barely stings, but I'll be damned if it didn't obliterate my tooth.
It does look like it's just a natural occurrence in the leather (at least in the picture) - but, at SAB prices they should not be using anything less than pristine premium hides.
Hey if it works for you, go for it.
So . . . can a white-hispanic come shoot this thread?
I know right! The world drew a red line at torture too, good thing we followed the rules unlike Syria.
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